Warning - Some posts may cause choking, spitting of beverage and /or a severe giggle fit. This advice brought to you by regular reader Louisa.

Sunday 1 March 2020

Procrastinating Forevah

So yeah, procrastinating is still my thing (obviously). In fact, I've been procrastinating from posting on my procrastination blog (another obviously). The problem is, even when I do post on my procrastinating blog, it is only because I am doing so in order to procrastinate from doing other stuff.

Makes sense, right?

Also rambling. (See above paragraph). Still do that, too. (I really want to put 'obviously' in parenthesis again, but that would be repetitive).

So. Procrastinating and rambling. They really do go hand in hand. Ask me a question, and I will invariably go around the houses (as well as catch a bus, travel to the city centre, and pop to the cinema) before you get an answer (which will most likely not even be a straight answer, more like a bendy one).

Hmm. Parenthesis are clearly also a 'thing' with me (as is placing words inside inverted commas). Apparently I have lots of 'things'. Sadly, one of them is not sticking to regular blog updates.

Anywho, life is not much changed for me. I still work in the same place, I still wonder how I will stretch my wages to last a month, and I still have vague plans to get back to writing 'properly' again. So why have I decided to randomly blog today? Well... I think it's mostly because I have encouraged my daughter to blog as a distraction for her (she suffers poor mental health). And I would be a poor example to her if I said 'do as I said' rather than 'do as I do'. 

So I do. Or I did. Or... well, you know what I mean. Will try to add a quick post weekly, though I will not formally commit, as that really doesn't mean anything to a procrastinating rambler like myself.
In the meantime, here is a picture of myself with my daughter taken from last year (I am the hobbit, she is the gorgeous one), and a picture of my youngest boy (because he is clearly so adorable that he needs no excuse to have his picture shared).

Man, I really need to get a grip on my parenthesis thingy...


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