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Friday, 11 August 2017

Long time, No see...

Dear blogosphere, it has been over three years since my last confession blog, and really, there's not a lot I can say about that except, well.. I am the Princess of Procrastination.

Long story short(ish), life happened. And when I say 'life', I quite literally mean it. 'Life' is currently two years and three months old, and is as mischievous as toddlers can be. Master Oliver Harry Smith was a late addition to my family, and is a thoroughly spoiled little man, but we loves him, precious, yes we do.

Sadly, babies/toddlers + full-time job + procrastination tendencies = no blogging from yours truly. Though it has to be said, I wasn't much for keeping faithfully up to date on here anyway. *shifty*

It's been a funny few years; not only did I have a new kiddie winkle, but just prior to that little surprise I became immersed in fanfiction writing for several months (so I can honestly say that I did actually do some writing, even if it wasn't for a 'real' book, or posts for this neglected blog). I actually wrote a 50k fanfiction in six weeks. As in, a finished 50k fanfiction. Go me! And several shorter length stories and drabbles too. This, I should point out, is more a testament to my obsessive nature when it comes to nerdy fandoms, than to any new found non-procrastinating habits. Maybe one day I can apply my OCD geekyness to writing another novel.

On the subject of geeks, I also geeked out majorly over the phenomenon that is Game of Thrones (several nerdgasms were had, I kid you not).But I'm pretty sure I'm not alone there. I would say that I should make a new tag for GoT, but let's be honest here, no-one is holding their breath for more Princessy blog posts (least of all me... I know myself too well).

So this is just a 'hello' post, really. And probably a 'is anyone going to actually read this' post. And also a 'blimey, I remembered my login details AND how to compose a post' post.

I'm hoping to leave you with a picture of my Ollie-Pop as an end to this , but in all fairness, this could turn into an 'oops, I forgot how to add a picture to my blog post' post. We shall see...

Blimey, I think it worked" *faints*


  1. Link to your fanfic please. ��

  2. Maybe I should commit blog, too. I've only managed about once a month for the last year. If you want to be poked now and then about it, just shout.

  3. A good poke every once in a while would be good. ��

  4. best reason ever to ignore your blog!!!

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