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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

K is for...

Kair of Diff *

The Kair of Diff is a big hit,
Wiv those wot likes alirrle 'bit'.
Oi oi, dunt be dense!
Join the clarts and the slags, like innit?

* Wot Taffy peeps calls Cardiff, like innit. If you wants a lesson in Taff like, av a look under the Taffing laybels in that cloudy fingy on the right.

Cardiff Map 1946


  1. yes - I get it - I need to hang around you lots more but I get it! Yay...

  2. I think I'll pay a visit to Wales ...lol
    I too will get it eventually.


  3. That was fun! I read your old post and got schooled in Taff. Only been to Cardiff once and apparently I missed all the slags and clarts. lol

  4. Perhaps you should go on a campus tour to give lessons:)

  5. I'm more interested in St. Mellons. Sounds like a pornographic St. Helens.

  6. Jan - you get it!! Yay!!

    Yvonne - It's REALLY easy, just words spelled wrong because we drop our 'h's and 'g's and stuff. It's all fun. :)

    Pk - Ha! No clarts or slaggs at all?? Must have been a quiet spell. ;p

    Louisa - That would be hilarious!

    Mark - Hahahahaha, yup, it DOES sound a bit pornographic. Possibly true too, as St Mellons is what we Taffies like to call 'ruff as duck' if youknowarrimean...

  7. Love it when you are Taffing.

  8. I don't think I've heard of taffing. But, I think I got the gist...I hope! A departure from your running H, I & J theme...lol. I wondered.. :)

  9. Hahaha! That was awesome. I could "hear" that lilt. Fun!