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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Pussies Galore!

Last evening the hubby and I took the kids to a friend's house for a few hours of socialising. Nothing special, just a few drinks in the backyard and a little tarot reading from yours truly. The kids had a whale of a time because our friends have a dog, two lizards, two cats and last, but by no means least, four little kitties. The dog had great fun attempting to hump my daughter *shifty* (we told her that he wanted to cuddle her), the kids enjoyed handling the lizards, and everyone, whether they were cat lovers or not, thoroughly enjoyed watching the kittens frolicking on the grass.

Of course, I am a BIG cat lover, having grown up with them and almost always having one for a pet. Hubby is not the biggest fan of cats (he generally loathes them actually), but even he can't ignore the cuteness of kittens. Anyway, despite the fact that we already have a cat - and one that the hubby is actually quite fond of - I was floored when just before we left to come home, I was informed that one of the kitties was coming home with us. *faints* Hubby had arranged it weeks ago and kept it quiet, bless him. The most shocking thing of all is that my eight year old knew of the surprise, and had kept her lips sealed for the past three weeks! *faints* Now, my daughter is not known for keeping her mouth shut, so the fact that she kept it from both me AND her brother was a huge surprise, almost as big a shock as being told I was taking a kitty home with me.

We smuggled the kitty (who has been named 'Angel' by the daughter) into a taxi and arrived home faced with the task of introducing the new baby to the old baby. Now, the old baby is called Belle, and isn't really 'old' as such, but she's almost three now and is used to being the baby of the family. Much hissing and fur-on-ending happened, and Belle gave a good impression of the Puss-in-Boots eyes thing  from Shrek (at one point her pupils were so large it looked like she had completely black eyes). Kitty was relegated to the bathroom for the night and Belle was fussed over - well, about as fussed over that is possible when she was hissing and scratching at me - before we settled for the night.

So today we are progressing a little. Belle is swinging between the glaring and ignoring strategies, while Angel is happily making herself at home by avoiding her own food and stealing Belle's, ignoring her bed and taking over the sofa, and growling at Belle (well, squeaking more than growling really) when she catches her glaring at her. It's all fun.


  1. Awww I love cats! And Belle's going to be nuts about the kitten in a few days ... it is really fun, watching a grown cat addapting to a baby one!

    Dude, you have other three visitors from my country! Wow! *'s in awe*


  2. Ana - well. it is either you + three other visitors from your country, or you on four different computers.... I take the flag count with a pinch of salt with regards to actual numbers. But the country information is usually accurate, which is why I added it. Great fun.

    And hopefully Belle will adjust to the new kitty. The last time I tried introducing a kitty into the house was with my previous cat, but eventually I had to re-home the kitty with my parents because my cat refused to come into the house while the kitten was there. I think the mistake I made was bringing a male kitty home when my cat was female. This time around they are both females, plus Belle has a sweeter nature than my previous cat (who was, quite frankly, evil *snort*).

  3. When I got Rullie, it took 3 months before I could leave her alone with Kiffie. Durwen took only a week before it was perfectly safe to let him loose with Rullie around. *shrugs* Cats are WEIRD, but your new baby is adorable!!!

  4. Well Belle is still avoiding, so I think I can safely say that there's a still a way to go before she adjusts. *snort* However, she appears to be putting her foot (paw?)down because she's now stealing Angel's food as a form of payback. :)

  5. Your cats are adorable as is the Lady Ellie. I am sure Belle will get used to Angel and they'll be chasing one another around soon enough.

    Good luck with the kitties!