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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Great Big Cheese Debate

Well, it's not really a great big cheese debate, but when it comes to cheesy snacks,  most British people can be divided into the Quavers or Wotsits category. My daughter enjoys both, but if asked to choose, would go for Quavers every time. My son, on the other hand, practically comes out in hives when he is offered Quavers, but loves the cheesy goodness of Wotsits.

Most British kids are introduced to crisps via Wotsits or Quavers (or sometimes Skips, though these are not so popular, mostly because they are prawn cocktail flavoured and perhaps aren't as kind to a toddler's palate). All three snacks are not like a traditional crisp as they are soft, and they melt in the mouth. Obviously this is ideal for younger children, who usually suck their food to death rather than chew. Especially if they have hardly any teeth. Seeing a toddler in a pram with a bright orange-coloured mouth and cheesy cheeks is pretty much a daily sight in Britain.

I like both, though I prefer the taste of Wotsits. Unfortunately, they are pretty mucky to eat, and sort of stick to your teeth. It's no surprise that toddlers get covered in cheesiness - the coating seems to stick to everything. On a happier note, both Quavers and Wotsits come in at less than 100 calories per pack, so if you are a crisp lover who is trying to diet, you can still have your favourite cheesy snack every day if you wished. *nods* Lovely!

Of course, some people go a bit too far in their love for the cheesy snack. While looking for pictures for today's ramble, I came across a few peculiar images, not least the lady who filled a bathtub with Wotsits and proceeded to sit in it. Perhaps she was trying to emulate Cleopatra, but honestly, I would have stuck with the milk. If Wotsits stick to your teeth and turn your mouth orangey, I shudder to think what other places may be affected if you took a bath in them.

And on that slightly disturbing note, I shall leave you to your thoughts....


  1. Wotsits appear to be the same thing as Cheetos, and I can't really say what the other thing is, but I prefer crunchy cheetos to the puffed kind any day, they don't stick so much to the teeth and don't leave you with that raw feeling on the tongue from sucking on them.

    Interest post, if not slightly disturbing at the end.

  2. Disturbing indeed!

    So are these like Cheese Doodles? Puffy cheese flavoured snacks? Apparently we only get the American version here, because I've never even heard of Whatsit or Quadidyousays...

  3. Definite shudder. I hope the model received danger money.

    Cruella, thanks for mentioning the word 'doodles'. Just so you know, in Oz it means a random arty sketch, or the male appendage. Not sure the marketers would use it to describe a cheesy icky sounding snack, but you never know, sales might go up?

    no pun intended ;)

  4. Maria - I think Cheetos are very similar, but perhaps not quite as cheesy...

    Mari - Yup, sounds like your doodles are the same as my wotsits. *nods and wonders if that sounds dirty to anyone else*

    Sue - Tee hee... something about doodles, cheese and phallic-shaped snacks seems to be remarkebly linked to my way of thinking. *snorts*

  5. something about doodles, cheese and phallic-shaped snacks seems to be remarkably linked to my way of thinking. *snorts*
    - as a Wisconsin gal, you know, the CHEESE state, I find that image frightfully disturbing! *shudders*
    (Cheetos, Cheese Doodles, same thing,my bad memory couldn't bring up the doodle for some reason, probably traumatized by the Wotsit bather.