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Saturday, 1 January 2011

The New Year Thingy

Wow, a new year already! I don't know what happened, but 2010 passed in a blink of an eye. Or so it seemed. Anyway, I'm not one for making new year's resolutions - well, I make them, but never stick to them - but I do like to at least have a few goals to aim for in the coming year. A goal is much better than a resolution in my opinion, mostly because resolutions are sort of stressful. You are promising yourself that you WILL do something. With a goal comes the same promise, but it somehow seems to put less pressure on you. I know, they are technically the same thing when you think about it, but the wording makes a lot of difference. *nods* Plus it helped me fill a paragraph. *shifty*

Anyway, in continuing with last year's great result of dropping - and keeping it off! - 40lbs, I'd like to lose another 20lbs this year. I'm much happier with myself at my current weight, but that extra 20lbs would make me ecstatic. I have no illusions about how hard this will be. The less weight you have to lose, the harder it is to shift it. And whereas last year I did little more that eat smaller portions at mealtimes, and cut back on my bread and junk food intake, this year I will have to calorie count and exercise to be able to lose those excess pounds.

I'd also like to improve on my blogging frequency. I have scheduled posts to write for my writing group's blog (Burrowers, Books & Balderdash) which I usually manage to do - even if I'm late doing them - but my poor Princess Of Procrastination page has been badly neglected this past year. I'm not sure yet how often I am aiming for, but almost anything would be better than last year's abysmal blog count.

Lastly I want to set some writing goals. I want to try and punch out the sequel to my modern twist on Cinderella, and also get back to working on my fantasy novel. I'm shying away from editing for the moment, mostly because I hate doing it and it tends to make me procrastinate even more than normal over my other writing stuff. I set three goals for editing Cardiffella last year, and failed each time, so no editing goals for the moment. They're obviously a bad influence on me.

That's it, really. My new year thingies. Not resolutions, of course, because you know that I don't do them. *winks*


  1. Tara-I think it's amazing you managed to keep that 40 pounds off (I didn't do that well)--CONGRATULATIONS! And good luck with the last 20! And Writing is a-okay... I know how stressful editing is and if it blocks you, it doesn't need to be done NOW. (I think as a Burrow we should plan on NaNoEdMo in April--then we are just commiting to a month of it, yeah? Less stressful that way? (you wrote your first book under similar parameters, yes?)--I think all it is is committing to an hour a day of editing (or maybe it is 50 hours in the month)

  2. Happy New Year Tara! Congrats on keeping off the 40:) I've lost a bit myself and like you would be thrilled to lose more. Good luck with the writing. If you ever want an object point of view just send me an email and I'll gladly help out.

  3. Tami - I think a month set aside for editing is a good idea. An hour a day is definitely my limit though, I can't STAND editing. *grumbles* And don't beat youself up over putting some pounds back on - if I had kept EVERY pound off that I lost last year, I'd only have 10 pounds to lose instead of 20.

    Louisa - a very happy new year to you too! And good luck with the weight thing, I know how hard it is. :) Thanks for the offer of a fresh eye - I may well take you up on it. *grins*

  4. Wow - that's an amazing goal kept! I like New Year's thingies - that works for me - I call them intentions or goals or anything but resolutions which has such a superior critical parent feel about it.
    I intend to eat healthier which will take weight off but I'm not crazed about it. yet...

  5. No new year thingies for me. I'm just going to lose some weight and if it doesn't happen by next year I'm going to chop off half my ass with a hatchet.

  6. Jan - thanks! I think the weight thingy is the most common new year's goal there is, and I think it just adds pressure to call it a resolution, so setting a realistic goal is so much better. To say you want to eat healthier sounds so much better than 'I'm going to diet'. The minute you restrict yourself, temptation comes a-knocking.

    Marjorie - no, no, no! No booty chopping!! Seriously though, like as said above, losing weigh is a common wish, especially at this time of year. Good luck with it!