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Monday, 6 June 2011

A Birrov This 'n That

So I fort I'd stop by, like, and give alirrle update on wot's 'appening at the mo. I iz pluggin away at me novel for BuNoWriMo, and thow the spiffy lirrle icon on me page says five fousand and summin, I iz now just past six fousand wordz. I just avent bovvered to update it again, like, coz it'd be pointless when I still 'as sum writin to do tonight, like innit? Me suspensful yoof story iz cummin along nicely, achully, and I iz well chuffed that the idea peers to be workin.

Az well az writin for me novel, I iz also workin' on a lirrle story for me clarts and clits at Spar (the place where I works, like innit). I iz mixing me work peeps with Pirates ov the Carrybeeun, and calling the story 'Pirates ov the Sparrebeeun', coz I is mad like that. I iz 'aving a right larf writin it, too!

Also, I iz well chuffed like, coz this iz blog number seventy-nine for two fousand and leven, which is bluddy bangin coz that means I av fishally beat last yer's blog count already like, and itz only the buginnin ov June!

In ovver news, I iz also chuffed coz I lost anovver five poundage of weight, which is very good indeed, like innit? Course, I bluddy put on ten poundage since Chrismus, so I iz only loozing wot I gained, but still, itz a step in the right direcshun, innit? Youknowzitmakezsense!

And thatz abou all I av for this yer update. Nuffin much else 'appenin yer in the Kair ov Diff, cept for the unusually nice wevvar, but I iz bettin the sun will go back behind the clowds almost before I finishes this yer blog post, so itz pointless givin it more than a breef menshun.

Anywayz, thassall for today, clarts and clits, I'll stop by in a coupla dayz or so wiv a propa blog post, but until then, later peeps!

Original image borrowed from here, but tweaked a bit by moi.


  1. Like, yer wurd count iz like totily maizin, likeinnit?! I'z off to change me drawerz cuz you made me pee me pantz like mun.

  2. You may be writing this, but Ruth Jones is reading it to me in my head.

  3. Laura - OMG, you TOTALLY have Taff speak SPOT ON! Bluddy brilliant!

    Christine - Ha! The wonderful 'Oh What's Occurring?' Nessa... the mother of the best Welsh catchphrase of all time. :) *loves Gavin & Stacey*

  4. I'm way too sober to be able to understand this post. I'm glad you had fun putting it together. But I cannot reply reasonably, so I'll quit at this.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  5. Wonderful progress keep up the good work:)