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Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Numbers Are Lying

See that little word count thingy on the right? Well, ignore that because it's lying. *nods* I haven't updated it like I should have, plus I decided to start from scratch again yesterday, so my word count went from 12,500 words back down to 0 all over again. I'm at 3,426 at the moment - not bad for two days - but I'm a long way from 50,000. Therefore I am not aiming for 50k. *nods again* I am now aiming for 30k, which works out at 2,000 words a day. We shall see how we go...

I have been a bad, bad, procrastinator this month. Well, technically I've been a good procrastinator, because I have successfully managed to avoid doing lots of stuff almost every day, but you know what I mean. I honestly think deadlines have the opposite effect on me compared to what they should. I also have too many distractions at the moment.

There's my son, who is sitting some important exams at the moment, and happens to turn 15 on the 24th. Scary stuff. Not the exams (well, they probably scare my son, but not me), but the fact that I have a 15 year old? Really, really scary.

Then there's my daughter, who has never been easy, but is slowly but surely turning into Regan from The Exorcist. Not that she's possessed, or can turn her head around three hundred and sixty degrees or anything. She's not spewing pea soup either. But she IS cursing at me more often than not. Complete with eye-rolling and copious 'whatevers' about twenty times a day. Gotta love these nine-going-on-nineteen daughters of ours, eh?

It's also that time of year when we have to renew our tax credits and what-not. Cue plenty of thirty page forms asking you lots of things the tax office needs to know, along with lots of things they don't really need to know. Oh, and don't forget to add the gazillion forms of identification when you post your form off. *rolls eyes* (Erk, wonder if daughter gets the eye-rolling from me?)

Lastly I am gearing myself up for changing from part-time to full-time at my job. I'm happy about the extra money coming in, but not so happy about working five days as opposed to two. On the other hand, I think having so much spare time on my hands has helped feed my Procrastinating Monster. I wrote more often and more prolifically when I worked full-time before, so maybe having less time on my hands will help me curb my dithering urges.

Anyway, must go. I need to procrastinate write!


  1. How will you possibly be able to procrastinate when you have a full-time job? Oh, you say you'll find a way, no matter what? I guess.

    Bears don't know much about procrastination. If we procrastinate, we starve.

  2. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now, best of luck with the new project!

  3. Good luck with the full time. You think a 15 year old boy is scary? In about 4 years you are going to be wishing for the eye rolling daughter of nine. I have one niece who hit 13 last month and the other hits it in November. To quote them "OMG"! Yeah gotta love em:)

  4. Cursing at you? Can she get a time-out somewhere for about ten years? Is that not done? Did I type that out loud?

    I found that I got things done a lot more efficiently when I was working full time. But I ain't going back.

  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts,, I know you deserving all the title ,, just do the first thing you know what to do !! good luck..

  6. That makes sense to me. I get more done when I have less time for some reason.

  7. eww... full time. :( I'm PT now and dread the thought of FT... but oh the money would be so good. Good luck with it ... and good luck with those teens! Scary stuff, indeed. Mine are only 5 and 6 so I've got a few snuggle years left ... :)