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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Published Princess

What's that? Published Princess???

Yes, you read correctly! I have no idea how it happened - it really is a mystery to me! - but I appear to have gotten myself a publisher for my innuendo-filled Cardiff tale. *is still recovering from shock*

Now, if you are one of my Facebook friends, you will already know this (as I announced it yesterday), but this announcing thing is fun, and surely it deserves a post of it's own on here. *nods* I'll be updating the Cardiffella Blog over the next few weeks with news as and when it happens, but for now, I'll just quickly say that in a little over two months - April 29th to be exact - my prudish pussy(cat) will be unleashed on the world!!

My pussy is going to be famous! Well, sort of...

Who'd have thought that my feline fairy godmother would make it, eh?

More to the point, who'd have thought that a Procrastinating Princess would ever kick her own butt enough to keep querying her innuendo-filled novel? This is why it's a mystery, you see...

Those of you in the know will remember that I wrote Cardiffella way back in 2009 during NaNoWriMo (you know, that crazy event where you write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November). It was great fun - what with the pussy jokes and the obligatory mention of wobbly sausages - but it was also NUTSO when it came to doing it. Particularly since I wrote it between three computers, not a one of them in full working condition. Between the three, there was just about enough to make ONE decent computer. Of course, they all died on me several times (and obviously came back to life), and between THAT and the 'boken keboa' (that was extremely fwuztwatin, let me tell you), it was a truly heroic effort.

But anyway, it was done. And I was proud of myself for not putting it off and actually finishing it. So proud, in fact, that I let it sit on my hard drive for over two years before doing anything with it. *shifty*

Last year I managed to talk myself into fixing it up so that I could submit it to a publisher. I formatted like crazy so that it looked nicer; I cleared up the (thousands of) typos, took a few words out (and added a few here and there). Finally, in September, I sent out two queries. Not being delusional (well, actually, I AM delusional for the most part, but you know what I mean), I figured there was no way it would be accepted (which it wasn't). But more than anything, I wanted a little feedback as to what would be needed to make it publishable, and I wanted the feedback from someone in the publishing game.

To my surprise, although it wasn't accepted, it actually did rather well - making it as far as the acquisitions team, no less. It failed at the final hurdle, which was, while disappointing, also extremely encouraging. Now, this happened in the last week of January - so a mere few weeks ago - and I thought to myself, well, if it made it THAT far, maybe I should just keep submitting. I told myself that I would submit it to another four publishers, and if I didn't get any feedback, then I would work on it some more before submitting again.

At no point, you see, did I think that it was going to be accepted.

So I sent out to another four publishers and heard back from one on the very same day. They told me it was a 'fun idea', and that they 'loved my voice', but as they were already working on  a similar series, they would have to decline.


But you know, that was even more encouraging than the previous rejection. I mean, this time the editor had given me a little feedback, even if it was only a few words. I was resigned, but still feeling pretty good. Surely I'll get a 'revise and resubmit' soon, I thought.

But - shocked and stunned as I was - I got much better! Last Thursday I got an acceptance, and I signed the contract over the weekend. Pretty cool, huh?

As I said, I'll be giving more details on the whole she-bang over on the book blog, but I just HAD to swing by my Procrastinating Princess blog to formally 'come out'.

Onwards and upwards, my friends, onwards and upwards!

Image self-taken.


  1. Congratulations Tara! I knew someone besides myself had to see that it was brilliant. Now will your fans here in the United States be able to purchase it or will it only be available on your side of the pond?
    Sorry to be late replying been repairing Dad's pc and not online.

  2. Thanks Weesa!!

    I think the shock has wore off a little now, but it still feels weird knowing that my little fairy tale will be available to actually BUY soon! It's actually been picked up by an American imprint called Crimson, so availability will be no problem. It's going to be an ebook at first, followed by what they call 'print on demand' a few months later if all goes well. I'm going to be posting on the book's blog at some point this week with more details, and as soon as I find out anything new, I'll be updating.

    Actually, I *don't* think the shock HAS wore off yet, now that I think about it. *snort*

  3. Will be on the look out for it for sure then. Are they using the art by Ana for the covershot?

  4. No, they have their own art dept so, apart from a few suggestions which may (or may not) be taken into consideration, it's basically up to them. And I LOOOOOVED Ana's cover. :(

  5. I liked too, perhaps they could use it inside somewhere?

  6. Yes, yes, yes!!!!
    Our Tara is finally living upto her name- she's up there with the Stars!

    1. Thanks Natasha!! It took some time, but got there in the end! :D

  7. I'm so excited for you. I learned about this via Natasha's FB page. Not sure if you can hear the loud cheers from way down here in Oz, but if you listen hard enough you might :)

    1. Thanks for the cheers, Sue! My hearinf is so bad that I rarely hear anything within a few meters, but I have a healthy imagination, so I am definitely hearing those cheers! *grins*