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Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Quick Taff

Oi oi peeps! Just a quick post today, like innit? I was plannin a big Taff ramble for me 200th post, see, but itz a bit ducked up now coz I iz doing that A-Z- fingy. This is post #199 ackchooly, but issallgood coz I have tomorrow's post all scheduled like, so techniklee itz still post number 200. *nods* Youknowzitmakezsense!

Anywayz, this A-Z- fingy is well wicked and I iz aving a propa blast, like. Lotsa peeps ave bin commentin, like, and I gorra few more followers annallat, which is well lush, like innit.

The only problum is ... well, Blogger is being a right bugger. It's wicked slow, like, and keeps freezin all the bluddy time. Itzdoinmyhedin! I iz doing my very best to comment on the blogs ov the peeps wot commeted like, and I iz clicking the widget fingy on the page that takes me to random blogs too, so I is trying like, I really iz.

So if you finks I iz being all ignorunt like, then fink again. I really apreeshiates all ov your comments, they really makes my day like, innit? I will keep trying to read and post comments like, but if Blogger keeps being a bugger, it might take alirrlebi longer than it shood. I'll get there in the end though, coz at the end of the day, we A-Zers shood stick togevver and support eachovver, right?

So Happy Almost 200 Blogiversary to me, Happy A-Zing to evryone wots taking part, and lastly, Happy Muvver's Day to all my fellow slags in Kairdiff (and the rest of the world wot sellibrates Muvver's Day today too).

Taffy Tara over and out, like innit.

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  1. I hope you celebrate in style for your 200th. after all it is an achievement. Good luck with your A to Z and hope blogger gets his skates on quick.


  2. Happy 199th post! Or 200th post! It does make sense, I think!

  3. Have a nice Mother's Day Tara. We don't celebrate it here until May.

  4. Yvonne - Thank you! Blogger is behaving a little better today thank goodness, but I have a feeling it is because of the timing. Peak hours seem to be in my evening, and that is when Blogger becomes sluggish.

    Mark - Of course it makes sense! Taff sense!

    Weesa - thanks! Apart from the usual dawn shift at work, the day was lovely. And I find it strange that there isn't a set date worldwide for Mother's Day. There should be, definitely.

  5. happy 200th..

    do you write poetry?

    share 1 to 3 random poems with us today at:


  6. Congrats on your almost 200th post. Loved it!

  7. Jingle - I don't write poetry really, just silly limericks and ditties now and again. I'll visit your blog though!

    Stephanie - Thank you! 200 seems a huge amount to me, yet a friend just reached 600?!? I'm obviously a blogging baby. :)

  8. Happy 200th!
    I did a piece in A for apologies cos blogger was being such a right B..(could have carried it over for B!) It keeps eating my comments, or freezing and is so sluggish very frustrating when you're scampering around making comments and trying to visit so many blogs.
    Hope you got the message about the hyperlink, if not let me know :)


    (I'm not dropping back to see if people reply to comments)