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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Bond

The Bond? What's this? Well, it's the title of my BuNoWriMo novel, of course! A story of two friends who have an unbreakable bond, despite the circumstances that are thrust upon them. I believe it falls into YA Suspense, which is a brand new genre for me, but hey-ho, it's all fun!

But what's BuNoWriMo?

BuNoWriMo is The Burrow's (my writer's group) version of the better known NaNoWriMo - the event that takes place every November that encourages writers to produce a 50,000 word novel in thirty days. We at The Burrow are a little less picky. We still have thirty days as the time limit, but we pick June for the month of madness. And while we would love it if everyone was inspired enough to produce 50,000 words, we know that this is impossible for a lot of people. Now, we don't like people to miss out, so as far as we're concerned, any writing is good enough for us. Thus we have the general participants, and the rebel participants. *nods firmly*

Your goal may be the traditional 50k novel, it may be adding another 50k to an existing work, or it may be writing a drabble a day for thirty days (a more manageable 100 words daily rather than 1667). Your goal may be adding that final ten thousand words to the novel that you wrote over a year ago (*coughnotmeobviouslycough*). Whatever your goal is, BuNoWriMo welcomes you!

There's still time to sign up if you're interested. The event starts at midnight tonight - in whatever time zone you live in - and you can sign up on the BuNoWriMo Facebook Page. When you're all signed up (it's easy peasy, you just ask to be added, and we add you *winks*), you can get your sparkly word count meter from here, and if you fancy a shiny avatar with the BuNoWriMo slogan, then you can pick one of the ready-made icons made by Burrow graphic designer Joris.

So what are you waiting for? Get WRITING!


  1. Am no QUIVERING with excitement :)
    Off to hunt me down a title
    good luck

  2. Wow. I was already on board for this, but if I wasn't the sparkly word meter would have sealed the deal.

  3. Laura - yay for quivering with excitement! Good luck on the title AND the writing!

    Christine - It's the sparkly word meter that did it for me too. *nods* ;p

  4. The Bond, eh!? Sounds very good, you silly genre hopper, you. I think it's a great idea though, for finding your groove.

  5. I thought you were going to be talking about James Bond.*giggles* This was better though not a particular fan oh is. Hope you have fun with the challenge. Oh by the way did you know this Blogger thingy is now making people sign up before they can post comments with their Google accounts? So I now have the option of creating a blog here and no clue what the heck I would do with one.*wanders off muttering to self*

  6. Tami - the idea came to me as I was pushing the food trolley around the supsermarket. By the time I got to the checkout, I had a plot. *shrugs* Genre hopping is fun!

    Lousia - That's mad!! Not everyone *wants* a Blogger account. And yes - start a blog. You don't need to have any idea what you are doing, just look at Yours Truly. *snort*

  7. Funny very funny:) So since you seem to agree with this thing that I need a blog I am giving you the challenge of coming up with a title for it.:) Just what I need a blog and a new forum to run, that also needs a title by the way.*is wondering how do I get my self into these things*

  8. *clears throat*

    "Lines by Louisa"


    "Words from Weesa"

    *bows* Hop to it!


  9. I think this BuNoWriMo thing is MAD, but hammer them words out anyway and have fun.

  10. Mark - Of COURSE it's mad, that is why we do it!