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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Tara vs Tara vs Tara

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 I'm a self-confessed ditherer. I keep doing OTHER stuff - not even important stuff - rather than work on my next book. Now that I actually HAVE important(ish) stuff to do (like get as many of the 56 blog posts ready for the April A-Z - I signed up BOTH blogs... I keep having to remind myself about that. *shifty*) I have decided that now is the time I should work on the next book. *rolls eyes* Ah well, at least I managed the first week of posts for both blogs before I got sidetracked (though half of those were already done, in all fairness, so it's not such a great feat).

See, I had an idea pop in my head for the opening scene, and once it was there, it had to get out. This is not the first time this has happened, and I know from experience that if I don't get it written right away, it will poke and pester at me and drive me nuts.

This time, though, I am determined to keep going. In the last... year?... I have started the next book three times (not including this time), with varying degrees of success when it came to continuing with it. One draft was under five thousand words, little more than a chapter or two. The longest was over 25k, but I ran out of steam.

Now, a normal person would have backed these files up and revisited them, and I did. At least, for a while, at any rate. But during one of my (thankfully) infrequent dips into The Pit (I suffer with episodic depression), I went on a purging spree and deleted virtually everything from my laptop. Regretted it the following day, obviously, but when my Inner It comes for a visit, she's mouthy, pushy, and pretty hard to stand up to.

Anyway, as I said above, I have started the follow up to If the Shoe Fits, and this time I will email any and all progress to my sister for safe keeping. Just in case I have that Purge Urge again.

I'm also currently having numerous conversations with my multiple personalities about the title of my next book. The conversations are sort of like this:

Serious Brain Tara: It needs to have a beast in there somewhere. But not a beauty reference. Don't want it to be too bluergh. I want something snappy.

Serious Brain Tara #2:  Yes. How about what your friend suggested? To Beast Or Not To Beast?

Serious Brain Tara: Well, I like that, but I worry that potential readers might think it will be similar to a Shakespearean story, and really, I think the talking cat might shock them.

Serious Brain Tara #2: I see your point. What about Truly, Madly, Beastly?

Serious Brain Tara: Hmmm. Not loving it, but it's a start.

Serious Brain Tara #2: What about words that rhyme with beast?

Serious Brain Tara: Yes, that's a good idea! Feast! There's one! We could play with quotes that have feast in them!

Serious Brain Tara #2: A Beast for the Eyes, maybe?

Serious Brain Tara: Not enamoured, I have to admit. What other words rhyme with beast, anyway?

Silly Brain Tara: Yeast!

Serious Brain Tara & Serious Brain Tara #2: *blank stare*

Silly Brain Tara: I got it!! Beast Infection!!!!

*dies* Sometimes, I scare myself, I really do...

See you Monday, for the first April A-Z post!


  1. This is why we love you (all the yous). You know that, right? ;-)

    1. Hahahaha, yeah, well... knew there had to be a reason.:D

  2. BUWAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, precious, we love youse.

    I really LIKE To Beast or Not To Beast, myself. Or you could think of other phrases with BE. Let it Beast. Beast Yourself.

    Or... what is your heroine called? You could work with synonyms... Millie and the Monster? *shifty*

  3. So I was holding it together nicely til I got to that last one. You kill me.*dies giggling*