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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Book Blurb Bloganza!!

I'm a bit scared... a little bit woo, a little bit wa-hay! Why on EARTH did I sign up for the A-Z on BOTH of my blogs?


I'm pretty much fine over at my Furry Tale Chronicles blog, mostly because I'm limericking my way through the challenge, and they are easy peasy posts to compose. But as for this one, although I had the vague notion that I would make it related to the publishing side of writing, I was still pretty stumped for ideas for a lot of the letters.

But then I had a Blackadder moment.

Original image

But let me backtrack for a sec...

A little while ago, I told my good friend, The Watery Tart, that I would be happy to help out with a promo post for her upcoming release (The Begonia Bribe, by la Tart's alter ego, Alyse Carlson). So I had my 'B' post (even though it was only when said Tart emailed me the details that it jogged my memory *is a Forgetful Princess at times too*).

Then, I also remembered that I'd signed up to do a cover reveal promotional post for Rhonda Helms - who, I should point out, I don't really know, but am Twitter-stalking, along with other Carina Press editors, due to my inability to patiently wait out the response period for my recent submission to them *shifty* - on April 18th.

I should ALSO add, that I only remembered THAT yesterday. *cough*

Anyway! With two posts firmly accounted for, I had a sudden thought. Or, in reference to my earlier Blackadder remark, I had a cunning plan!!!

Why not book blurb my way through the entire challenge?

With this in mind, and also remembering that I will be promoting my own book by limericking tasty teasers on my OTHER blog, I decided to ask my fellow Crimson Romance authors if they would like some promo next month.

These ladies - we are the CR Sisters!! - are fabulous. *nods* We chat, share advice, promote each other's books, and just generally support each other. We also post pictures of hot men - not always dressed - but that is besides the point. *whistles innocently*

Back to the point (yes, I'm rambling, I know). I asked my fellow CR Sisters if they wanted some book blurb love, and they have responded beautifully. I'm mostly using the alphabet letters to represent the author's name or book title, but where they didn't always fit, I have used my (slightly skewered) imagination. Now I just need to compose and schedule the remainder of the 52 posts. *dies yet again over signing up both blogs*

But why is this cunning? Well, because not only do I NOT have to worry about coming up with ideas for each of the letters, I am also able to kill two birds with one stone (well, not kill, as I like ickle birdies, but youknoworrimean) and share some promo love at the same time. Issallgood, like, innit?

Later, taters!!

(Note to self: Try to restrict using the word 'also'. Also, don't leave notes for yourself on a public page).


  1. Love your cunning plan - and your blog. Thanks for including all of us from Crimson Romance!

  2. Thanks, Deborah!! And happy to help out, honestly... :D

  3. Definitely need to check out the other authors at Crimson Romance. Love book blurb idea.