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Friday, 30 April 2010

Rambling Update

Considering it's been three weeks since my last blog - you know, when I said I'd be blogging a bit more often *shifty* - and considering that I now have a few projects to work on and therefore have something to blog about, I thought I'd pop by and ramble a bit. Of course, I've had a few bevvies this afternoon (highly unusual for me, but there we are), so I'm nice and relaxed and am more amenable to typing. Another of course is that I should have blogged properly for the last three (er, four) months when I had virtually nothing to do, but (yet another) of course, I have chosen to blog when I have about a gazillion other things that I should be doing instead.

In any case....

I have finally started editing my novel from last November's NaNo madness - yay! I have decided that I want to be ready to send it to publishers (or, at least, a specific publisher) by the beginning of September. I originally planned to have it done by the end of July, but I am postponing (for a reason not yet to be divulged) for a wee while.

In other news, my lovely writer's group (http://www.the-burrow.org/) are keeping me busy (with spiffy things that are also not yet to be divulged) and this recent burst of activity is responsible for giving me back some of my Motivation Mojo. So far I have his lower body (which can be quite nice, if I'm honest), but I'm hopeful that I will soon have the use of his full working body (including his brain, which is the bit that feeds my ideas) sometime very soon.

Closely related to my 'other' news, I'm having a marvelous time reading and reviewing my fellow writers' stories from The Burrow. Well, I'm thoroughly enjoying the reading at any rate, but as my reviews tend to be cringe-worthy ('I liked that bit' is about as technical as I get),it's a bit of a mixed bag. I mean, I always feel that my review comments rarely (if at all) help, so I'm a bit squirmy about posting them. Still, I do my best, and that is all you can ask of anyone, right?

In other, other news, I'm now 3lbs shy of the three stone marker in my weight loss project. Okay, so losing weight is not really a project, but I am working at it, so as far as I'm concerned, it's a project. *nods firmly* I've dutifully ordered the Wii Dance game (to go with the Wii Sports) and will endeavor to get the console out for an hour every day in my bid to get to my target weight (as of now, I am 23lbs away from my goal).

In other, other, other news, I'm definitely feeling better lately, and having more good days than bad, so I'm hoping that May will be the month that I finally get back to what I love doing (er, I'm talking about writing, in case anyone wondered. Of course, there could be nobody reading this, so nobody would wonder, but.... what was I saying?). Ah yes, back to writing.

And editing.

And reviewing.

And blogging.

Well, as much as any procrastinator can, at any rate....


  1. *wonders*

    Dude you're my heroe!! I wanna be like you *nods*

  2. *glomps Ana* Ana, you so don't want to be like me. *snort* Well, unless you WANT to be completely insane, that is....

  3. thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄..................................................

  4. this does it! you're officially a b-i-b lady of the write... (back in busines, in case your wondering mind was wandering...) crazy times - well done sista

  5. Porsha - you're welcome :)

    Marian - my mind is always wandering. *snort*