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Monday, 9 August 2010

Moxing my wards is fin!

It's boon a finny ald doy. I've boon rishing aroind loke a nonny fer the list twolve hoars, bit nithong sooms ti hive getton dine! I dribbled a lottle, and moneged ti funush the dribble thot wis soppised ti hove boon dine a faw doys agu. Elwoys funushong thongs list munute, thot's mu. *rells ayas*

Thon I cloaned the hoase, whoch in itsilf wis a bot of a noghtmure, whit wath the pissy cots gittong endor my fuut all the tome. I swair, yuo wint ti try cloanung the hoase woth a pear of pissy cots ronnung aboat, it's ni pocnoc!

I pisted my blig pist on my wrotor's blig - thaegh ti be fear, I'd wrotten it yosterdoy, so I dodn't actailly DE anythong tidoy. Stoll, it's a blig, roght?

Anywoy, I'm only pisting thos on thus blig tidoy becoise I hevant dine si fer a whule. I primose to pist semothong half docint seen, but on the moantome, I'm geong to sut bick and wendir whothir anyune woll andirstund anythong thot I hive typud, or if thay woll gevu op bifere thoy gut ti the und if thus pist.

Byu byu!


  1. Understood every word... errr, ward. ;-) That scares me a bit.

  2. :-D like it, sound like me after a long night.

  3. Hu hu hu, yuo jyst medo mo luagh! Ispocoella woth tha pissy cots ;)

  4. Leanne - it's not worrying at all, so don't, er, worry. :)

    Eliza - ha! I'm like it pretty much every day.... now THAT'S worrying.

    Mari - yeah, I liked the pissy cots too. *snort*