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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Just Ask! We're Here To Help!

So we got our new uniforms at work today, and they are a vast improvement on the sickly green coloured blouses and black waistcoats that we've had up until now. What's more, the people at the top have been quite generous this time around and issued everyone with one top per shift and a jacket too.

I now have three black polo shirts (much more comfortable and practical than those pesky blouses) and a black jacket. Black being my favourite colour to wear, this is a good thing. And I can live with the 'Spar, There For You' logo which is printed fairly discreetly on the front.

Not so keen on the logo emblazoned across the back in huge letters though...

I foresee a future of finger tapping on the shoulder.


  1. Nice to not have to ruin your own clothes at work! Man, I ruined so many things waitressing (usually bleach, sometimes grease)

  2. Ugh, Blogger ate my comment!! GREEDY BLOGGER!!

    I only rambled about past horrible uniforms, but still... *glares at Blogger*

  3. Nice to have the uniform but I agree the back logo is going to be much of a temptation for some folks. tap, tap, tap:)