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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Posing Pussycats

Yup, anyone who knows me at all, knows how much I love my pussycats. *nods* I'm very maternal in nature, and as I'm unlikely to have any more children (the two that I have already are more than enough), my cats are my babies. I've usually only ever had one at a time (hubby is not so much of a fan), but last year, my hubby floored me by getting me a kitty for my birthday.

The tabby is the elder puss - Belle - and my daughter rather unfortunately named the tortie Angel, which, considering what a little minx she is, is not at all apt. They cost me a fortune to feed, drive me insane with their almost constant fighting, and always seem to be getting under my feet, but I love them to bits. And every now and again, they pause in their scrapping and actually get along rather well, going so far as to groom each other between boxing bouts. Ah bless.

We is pawsing in our fighting...


  1. Pretty kitties!
    Good luck with your daily posting Tara, you can do it!

  2. Thanks Maria! And yeah, my babies are beautiful. *nods* Not that I'm biased or anything. In any case, ALL cats are beautiful. *loves felines*

  3. I want one! I cat-sitted for my sister's cat for a week in december, and while I don't miss the excess of ORANGE blanketing everything (or the fact that he gets up at 5 am thanks to her & her boy being military), I very much enjoyed the snuggling and watching in amusement as he did the strangest things. And... I just really want one. :)

  4. Such cute little kitties. Want mine? No, really. Chinwu is mean and antisocial. Your cats seem so affectionate and cuddly.


  5. They sure are pretty. Angel and Cali could be sisters, though Cali doesn't have as much white on her face.

  6. Kas - Yeah, they can be really entertaining sometimes. I'm usually laughing at them at least twice a day, especially when they fight.

    Chary - Two are quite enough, thanks! *snort* Belle is REALLY affectionate with everyone, but Angel is only really affectionate with Dale (except when she is on heat, then the hubby gets pestered *grins*).

    Tami - Torties tend to be similar anyway, it's only the amount of white that differs the most. I love torties - my fave cat. :)