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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I is for...


*... because I needed an 'I' post, could not find an author or book title that fitted my needs, and so used a word that tied in with the book instead. The 'infiltration' is alluding to the general spy theme of the book I am blurbing today. Yep, I bend the rules. That's how I roll (and bend, apparently). *shifty*

The Blurb:

After an engagement gone terribly awry, American interior designer Eva Anderson has finally met the man of her dreams. Handsome, charming Owen Martin is one of London’s most talented musicians, and he’s head over heels for Eva to boot. They fall in love, get married and go on a fabulous honeymoon to Paris.

But Owen forgot to tell Eva one little detail: he’s actually a top secret British spy…oh, and there are more than a few women in his past. Unfortunately for Eva, one of those women is the beloved younger sister of Middle Eastern terrorist Hassam Khalil. Hassam wants nothing more than revenge on Owen for defiling his sister, so he kidnaps Eva.

Owen rushes to the catacombs of Paris to rescue his new bride only to discover that she’s learned all of his worst secrets and wants nothing more to do with him. From the teashops of London to the cafes of Paris and the ports of Alexandria, Owen and Eva encounter terrorists run amok, friends with the best of intentions, guns, fangirls and espionage galore. But, will love ever be enough to overcome the lies of this British spy?

by Selena Laurence

Author Bio:

Selena Laurence started writing in the office of a United States Senator where creating fiction was one of many skills she acquired. In addition to her addiction to writing and reading romance, she drives kids around, lets the dog have the front seat, and generally tries to wrangle chaos. Her husband, Mr. Laurence, is a very patient man.

Book blurbing my way through the challenge on here, and limericking my way through the April A-Z over at The Furry Tale Chronicles. Please drop by!


  1. Hey if you need a J for tomorrow - you can always check me out - just sayin'

    1. Oh, I would, but I have all my spots filled for the month!! Sorry! Thanks for leaving a comment, though! :D

  2. Yeah that works just remember bend em' don't break em' *giggles* As for the category thing one of my fave series has that problem. I agree yours isn't exactly contemporary to me either.

    1. Bending is ALWAYS good. *nods* And yeah, mine didn't really fit *anywhere*, but contemporary was probably the closest...

  3. I like the sound of the book, I've not seen those covers before either...

    Thank you for sharing...

    1. Hi, Maria, thanks for stopping by! I like the sound of this one too. Actually, I like the sound of ALL of the books I'm blurbing this month - I need a bottomless bank account!!

  4. Hi Tara,
    So sorry I've been so quiet here.Just wanted you to know I'm pop in but don't always leave a comment. This is such a great theme and wonderful PR for Crimson Romance. Thanks so much for having all of us.