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Saturday, 15 January 2011

I really likes it, like innit...

Last night I waz avin sum wine like, and nosin around Facebook, azyoudoo, and I fort I'd do a status update fingy where I menshunned the fact that it would be nice to like, like it when people 'like' sumfink. On Facebook, see, if you iz feelin layzee and dunt want to bovver commentin on sumone's status, you can 'like' it, like innit? Only sumtimes, you might not like the fing that is on the status, but you might like the fact that sumone likes it nuntheless, youknowarrimean?  So there should definitely be sum way to like a like, like.

Anywayz, when I posted this yer conundrum, lotsa peeps started liking it, like. And then the peeps wot weren't being layzee also commented, and then they liked the comments about liking the likes too, like. And then I fort, bluddy ell, imagine bloggin about the likes in Taff speak, coz we Taffies always says like, like anyway.

Anywayz, by the end ov the night, like, there were like twenty odd notifications on my Facebook omepage, and most ov them waz likes. Peeps had been liking all over the place, like, it waz bluddy bangin! Course, I may ave fort it waz bangin coz of the wine, like, and praps the vodka might ave had a lirrlebi to do wiv it too. But it dunt marrer, like, one way or the ovver, coz I still fort it waz funny. Youknowzitmakezsense!

While I iz yer, like, I should probbly menshun that I have been feelin a lirrlebi guilty like, about the fact that I aven't blogged much so far this yer. In fact, this iz only like my second blog post of two fousand and leven. I iz a very norty Taffy and obviously needs a good spankin like, innit. I aven't been a total layzee slag though, coz I ave been working on my fantasee novel in and out, plus my normal working and home stuff too. The fing wiv blogs though, iz that I needs a subject to tork about, like, and I iz still aving probs finking ov stuff. No marrer, though, coz az lon az I dunt leave it for munths on end like I did last yer, like, then this yer will be an improovemunt, like innit.

Next week I will be mostlee bizzi wiv this and that, but I iz aiming to get sumfink posted aroundabou Wensdee, like, and praps I can put togevver anovver post for Saturdee too, like. We'll see. In the meantime, if you az a Facebook 'coount, maybee you should try liking everyfink on there. Even if you dunt like it. If nuffink else, it passes the time, like innit?


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  1. You know I gave up the facebooking, but it does seem like you should be able to like whatever is it you want to over there. I'm going to think for a bit then email you a blog topic. Perhaps if all your stalkers do the same you'll to keep it up a bit more regular:)

  2. *giggles*

    Like I like it, like.
    Though I weren't aware a blog needed a topic *shifty* Mebee I been doin' it wrong.

  3. I like Louisa's idea. You're so witty, with such a whacky outlook (in the nicest possible way) I reckon you'd be able to run with practically anything we suggest. What do you think?

    Oooh, this could be fun! Please say yes.

  4. Weesa - sure, I'll be happy to take up a request! I always do better when I have topics suggested to me. :)

    Tami - Silly - you ALWAYS have a subject, even when you're being naked. *nods*

    Sue - *blushes* Don't know about the witty, but the wacky part sounds right. *grins* I think it's mostly because usually I am totally clueless about the subject I'm blogging about, so that tends to lead me astray. And I'm always open to blog suggestions, the more the merrier!

  5. 1. Vegetable graters (evil vegetable graters)
    2. How to manage when the house resembles the proverbial pig sty and you discover you need to meet a client here (eeek. evil housework)
    3. to come