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Sunday, 25 October 2009


Usually I am wondering what the heck I am going to put in my blog. Well, I certainly have something to blog about today....

In the interests of continuing my sudden urge to bite off more than I can chew, I did something completely insane yesterday and signed up for this year's NaNoWriMo. Lordy, lordy, lordy.

I don't know what got into me. I struggle to write when I don't have an official deadline, but when I do have a deadline I'm hard pushed to even think of a single idea. Usually I wait until there's only a few hours left until deadline, then I quickly put together some sort of ramble and hope for the best.

That's not going to work this time. I mean, yes, I could wait until the last minute, but I seriously doubt it is possible to write 50,000 words in a matter of hours. So this time I have to do it properly. I have to make sure I write around 1700 words every day of November, and when I'm done I have to have a novel of some sort. Crikey.

Right up until the moment I signed up for this madness, I was adamantly against the whole thing. This is not the first year I have heard about NaNoWriMo, and so I knew what it was about. I've always firmly backed away from the project because I knew that it would be next to impossible for me to do it. I have no idea what made me change my mind, but suddenly I just had the urge to do something crazy, and hey presto, NaNoWriMo here I come.

(Realistically, I am going to struggle no end with this. But there's a little part of me that is telling my self-doubt that nothing is gained if I don't try it.)

It's obviously very doable. NanNoWriMo has been going for quite some time, and each year it gets bigger, with more and more people signing up for it. A lot of these people don't make the 50,000 words, granted, but there are people who do make it. I want to be one of those people.

I managed to write a story almost 15,000 words long in three days earlier this year. Of course, I had the whole plot in my head, but still, that itself proves that 50,000 words isn't unattainable in thirty days. I just need a plot, and some characters. All formed fully inside my head within the next week.

I'm doomed.

But maybe not. I never thought I could keep up with a blog, but here I am sailing comfortably towards the end of four straight weeks. I won't deny that there's been a few hairy moments when I was completely stumped for a topic, but I got past these hurdles and have managed to post something every day. Some days were more interesting than others, granted, but even a master blogger will have days where their blog will be little more than a hastily put together ramble. My one regret is that if I had started this just a couple of days sooner, I could have been proudly displaying a NaNoWriBlo badge.

You know, this NaNoWriMo might be the making of me. Indeed, I can definitely feel that urge to be crazy getting stronger. I have a feeling it might kick Mrs. Self-Doubt's ass.

Anyone else want to join the insanity?

If anyone would like to follow my NaNoWriMo progress, my username is ambermarie on there.


  1. Yay for peer pressure and subliminal messages getting across how badly I needed the company!

    And Tara-you absolutely can do this. Pages was EXCELLENT and I knew it was fast, but 3 days? I've read some nutso stories of people things do to keep their novels going.

    I figure in the end what you have is something to salvage great pieces of and then you do it for real in a rewrite... it is supposed to release the muse because you just write full tilt even if it ISN'T flowing.

  2. Yup, three days. Actually, if I counted the actual hours instead, it took around 15 hours max to write. I posted updates as soon as I'd finished writing them, it was pretty crazy.

    But yes, I understand the whole releasing the muse thing. I keep swinging between excitement and panic... roll on November 1st! And I have every confidence that you will far surpass the 50,000 word requirement :)

  3. Good luck ladies. I know you'll both reach your goal.

    *cheers from virtual space*


  4. Well, you got your blog off to an awesome start and I'm sure you'll do just as fabulous with your NaNo Novel quest!!

  5. This sounds like a great project!

    I would start off by writing very speedily so you find your bearings and keep up with the deadline.

    Gradually you'll approach a measured pace each day. Early mornings and evenings are best for splurges.

    Um. What else? Oh yes: have fun.

  6. *glomps Chary* Thanks sweetie!

    CC - wow, thank you! Hopefully my unexpectedly good writing record for my blog will spill over into NaNoland :)

    MJ - Totally agree - mornings and evenings are best, particularly evenings for me. And although I expect a fair amount of stress moments, I plan to have fun with it too.