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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Obligatory Ramble

What's up with that Sod's Law thingy? With the snow finally cleared up, the Christmas stress gone for another year, and the kids back in school, January was supposed to be the month where things settled back to a nice, normal routine. I mean, you always have to allow for life's little Cock Ups, because lets face it, they always happen, but on a scale of one to ten on the Normal-a-mometer, we should be sitting pretty at around about a three at the moment.


Now I had plans for the first couple of weeks of January. Nothing too strenuous, you understand, but plans nonetheless. My major Must Do was reading a writing buddy's novel draft, but in order to do so I need Word. I have Word on my small laptop, but not on the one I am currently using. My small laptop, you see, is the third laptop to have died on me in the last two years. It only powers up when it is in the mood (apparently the right mood seems to be mostly absent at the moment), and even when it does power up, it has the unfortunate habit of having a hissy fit and turning back off again. Obviously it has issues, but there doesn't seem to be a shrink out there who provides counselling for Loopy Laptops.

I have blogged several times about my perpetual bad luck with laptops, so this shouldn't come as any surprise to regular readers, but it still comes as a surprise to me. I just don't get it. It's not like I abuse my computer software or anything. I mean, if I deprived it of company, or didn't regularly charge it, or I shouted plentiful profanities at it on a regular basis, then perhaps I could understand why it has a nervous breakdown so often. But I don't do any of these things.

Moving on.

So I had planned to blog Wednesday this week, and today. Obviously today is covered (as I am sat here typing), but Wednesday's blog never happened. My usual reason for not blogging is not having a subject to blog about, but I've had a couple of topics suggested to me in the last week (which I will definitely use!), so that wasn't the problem. Wednesday was one of those days that were 'off' for me. First I overslept, which is never a good way to start off a day as you always seem to be playing catch-up. I blame my new mattress, which is so comfortable that it's quite possible I may take up permanent residence there.

Anyway, I managed to get to work only three minutes later than my official 6am start, which considering I woke up at 5:42, was pretty good (thank heavens for taxis!). Of course, I had plenty of comments on my Bed Hair throughout my shift, but I can live with a little teasing, especially when I can laugh about it.  I worked my shift, went home, blitzed the entire house, and did general Wednesday-ness things, but somehow I never got around to sitting down and writing my blog post (though I managed to whip up a post for my scheduled slot over at Burrower, Books & Balderdash, thankfully). Before I knew it, it was time for bed.

Thursday wasn't much better. I at least got to work on time, but aside from the usual Thursday-ness which leaves me little to no computer time, I also had to make an unplanned shopping trip to buy a new duvet for my bed. One of my cats - not sure which one was the culprit - was accidentally locked in my bedroom and decided that my bed was the only place they could, ah, 'relieve' themselves. *mutters darkly*  Cue frantic scrubbing of brand new mattress, extra time with the washing machine, and mad dash to nearest shop that sold duvets. I don't think I sat down properly until way past 9pm, and I was so exhausted that I was pretty much comatose.

Yesterday was a little better, but I am always busy on a Friday with those mundane housewifely things that have to be done, so again I didn't have chance to sit down and blog.

But never mind!!! I will not be deterred! I SHALL acquire and install Word on this laptop so that I can fulfil my writing buddy requirements! I SHALL NOT be discouraged by life's little Cock Ups!

Onwards and upwards, anallat. Youknowzit, clart!


  1. One word: crap.
    The mattress sounds lovely though.

  2. oy - yep, life goes on apace whatever our plans are. Your attitude is the right one though - don't lose it!

  3. Sue - Ha! 'Crap' is an appropriate word seeing as that's what I found on my bed the other day. Ugh. The mattress IS lovely though - it's so nice to go to be and not have springs poking into me. Bliss. *sighs*

    Jan - Well, I do try not to be defeated. I mostly succeed, though not always. :)

  4. I think we need to find a good luck charm for you, make that two one to keep on you and one for your laptop. New mattress is definitely good though, I got mine a couple months ago and it made a huge difference in my sleeping.

  5. Ugh - love my kitties, hate when they do inappropriate things (like Rullie having a hairball in their water fountain last night - ewww!). Guess I shouldn't hold my breath for that readthrough, eh? :-P *hexes the hex on the laptop*

  6. Okay--on your back-up computer, download Open Office. It's FREE and can read Word docs JUST FINE. There is some compatibility trouble if you go back and forth too much but to download and read, fine--and to download, save as an otd and make track change notes works too, then you just save back to a doc when you are all done.

    Sorry about the computer trouble. I think maybe you are electromagnetic or something. (LOVE the sound of the new mattress!)

  7. Tara, the things that happen to you just can't be made up! You are hilarious.

    Sorry about the cat thing. Mine just sprayed in the bathroom *the big fat meany that he is* and I had to get new shower curtains. I think if it was a new mattress and duvet, I'd have to kill'em.


    Here's to this week. May it be less hectic.

    *hand gestures the sign of the cross over tara's laptop*