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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Black Hole

Eurgh, January's blog count was an abysmal four. Four! Shameful! *glares at self* So, in order to not make February as disgraceful as January, I am creating a new label - Phebruary Photos (I was going to have February Fotos, but both have spelling errors and I preferred PH to F) - and promising to post every day of this month (erk). It's the shortest month of the year, so already I am ahead (sort of), and as I am planning only short blogs consisting of a daily photo (taken by moi, so don't expect visual greatness) and a short, rambling explanation (of course), then hopefully I will succeed. *nods*

So, as I am currently in the process of decorating both my kids' bedrooms, I figured a snap of my boy's room (presently at that half between stage) would be appropriate. He is having virtually everything painted black, with just odd bits glossed in white. I think, with the silver accessories, it will look phab (*shifty*) when it's done, even if I say so myself. *nods*

The Black Hole of the title references the cupboard above, which used to contain board games and what not, but is now home to around 100 original videos and about 200 video tapes (each with three or four movies recorded from the TV). This collection has been building up since my boy was about six, and along with the 200+  DVDs that he also has, makes space a limited option in his tiny attic bedroom. So it was goodbye to the board games and last remaining toys, I'm afraid. Ah well, they were just gathering dust anyway...


  1. Look forward to seeing you each day this month. I've just managed all January (well almost!) and plan to do a photo or whatever this month too. eeek indeed! Small and achievable is my motto, but I feel boosted by my Jan success (enthusiastic nods)

  2. Sue - congrats on your successful January! And yes, small and achievable is right up my alley - I don't do 'long', never could. I'm also woefully behind on my blog reading, so I'm going to try and do better this month.