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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Returning With A Request

So summer was a bit busy for me, hence my absence. Technically, the busy-ness ended by the end of the first week of September, but after not blogging for so long, the procrastination thing set in as I told myself I would get back to it 'tomorrow'. Tomorrow turned out to be today, at the almost half-point of September (though I did write for my writers' blog yesterday).

Anywho, today I am officially back, and hopefully with some regularity. Next month is NaBloWriMo (National Blog Writing Month), and I would like to attempt it once again. In 2009 I didn't enter officially as I'd only just started blogging, but there was a post for almost every day. Last year I again didn't enter officially, but after asking for requests, I successfully managed to blog every day of the month.

So I'm going to do the same thing this year. I'm not going to sign up officially, but I am going to blog every day. Hopefully, anyway. But to do that I am going to need requests. Thirty, to be exact. Thirty different suggestions from you guys. Last year I asked for six people to give me five suggestions each, but as there is still two weeks or so until the challenge begins, I thought I'd ask for two suggestions per person. You can either post them here in the comments, or on the link to this post on my Facebook profile. I'll keep checking for comments in both places, and when I hit thirty suggestions, I'll let you all know. The first thirty suggestions will be dutifully recorded, and written about in the order they were given.

There are no restrictions on what you may suggest  - I'm happy to have a go at whatever you throw at me. Can't promise that each suggestion will get a thorough write-up, though. I've been known to put a twist on things and/or cheat a little bit when a subject has got me scratching my head. *shifty* I can promise that I will have a go, though. And also that I will asterisk the titles (if you don't know what I mean by that, have a look at the 'Popular Princess Posts' list on the right, there's usually an asterisked title in there somewhere).

So that's it. Throw some suggestions at me. Go on, I dare you!

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P.S. It's good to be back!


  1. Limericks please!!!! (sorry - I know that's only one suggestion - but it's all that comes to mind!)

  2. I think I'm going to go with slugs and... erm... ooh, how about pub lunches? Yeah. *needs coffee*

  3. Yay! I love making suggestions!
    Since I have been having the most bizarre dreams lately, how about a post on castles, fair maidens needing rescues, and those knights in shining armor, in other words,fairy tales!?

    And for my second suggestion, how about a post on your craziest dreams/ nightmares(you know, that you are willing to share. I have quite a few I will NEVER talk about, too weird.)

    I'm glad to see you back Tara!

  4. Amy - one suggestion's fine! I only said two as a maximum per person, that way I should hopefully get a good mix. And limericks is fine too, though you've left the subject for them wide open...*grins evilly*

    Leanne - slugs and pub lunches? Ha! I'm glad they get to be two separate blogs. *snort*

    Maria - Yay for fairytales! I'll have to have a good think about the crazy dream/nightmare because I don't normally remember the crazy stuff...

    Great suggestions so far! 5 down, 25 to go! Thanks guys!

  5. Do one on Blackpool or Butlins. And make it nasty. Real nasty.

  6. Tara - glad to see you -my own blogging and visiting has been so random that I cannot even speak of it.
    1. Write on something you do not wish to even think about, let alone write about.

    2. Something about a commonly held belief or myth that you'd like to take umbrage with. For instance, the myth of soul-mates, or the myth of not enough food in the world to feed the hungry...

    Just wondering? Why don't you sign up for real?

  7. Mark - I get to be nasty? Awesome!

    Jan - Great suggestions! And as for not signing up for real, I think it's because I've managed to do this the last two times without signing up, and I don't want to jinx myself...

    Thanks for the suggestions! Keep 'em coming - we're up to nine now (I had one posted on my FB profile). :D