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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Well, Hello Stranger!

Seeing as it's been almost three months since I last blogged, I think we can safely assume that I'm still a Procrastination Princess. And seeing as how I stopped blogging right in the middle of a self-imposed challenge, we can also safely assume that I am a Very Naughty Girl too.

Bluddy 'ell though, some of those challenge suggestions were hard! It got so that every time I came by to try a new post, my brain would freeze for a few moments and then break out in a sweat. A glazed look would appear in my eyes, and I would end up closing the tab and putting it off until 'tomorrow'. A new year has begun since then, and still those challenges have stumped me, so I figure it's best to ramble about something else. That's not to say that I will never complete the challenge, I'd just rather attempt them when not feeling under undue pressure.

On that slightly disappointing note (for me, if not for you), here I am with the first of 2012's blog posts. Nothing very exciting so far, I know, but we have to start somewhere.

I could waffle on a bit about the dire 2012-End-Of-The-World thingy, but that would be predictable (not to mention depressing). I could talk about the fact that I'm whipping my procrastinating butt into gear by entering this year's ABNA, but I know lots of other blogs are full of this competition already, so that would also be predictable.

So how about I wax lyrical (or at least briefly) about the delights of eggnog instead? It's past the festive season, but who cares? Eggnog, a recent discovery, is, in the words of a Taffy, bluddy lush like, innit? Eggs, sugar, cream, cinnamon, and most important of all, rum.

Now, I'm not usually a rum drinker (sorry Mr. Sparrow), but I have to admit that rum, when it is included with eggnoggy stuff, is lurvely. So nice, in fact, that I have decided that it shall not be forgotten about until next Christmas. Eggnog should be a year-round drink as far as I'm concerned. It may even replace - shock, horror, gasp!- vodka as my preferred alcohol of choice. *nogs* Er, I mean *nods*.

Image is mine, my precious, my own!

So yeah, that's what my first post of 2012 celebrates. Eggnog. May the year be filled will many sugar-enhanced rum and cinnamon goodness.

Happy It's-Not-The-End-Of-The-World-2012 everyone!


  1. I'd never tried eggnog before either. I did so for the first time this past Christmas at a friend's party. There was no rum involved, however everything else was present. I felt so very happy as I drank two glasses of the stuff, remembering the diet would start in the new year.

  2. She's alive! *recovers from shock* Eggnog? Seriously? I personally enjoy the drink every Christmas minus the rum, you should try it with a sprinkle of nutmeg on top it makes it even better in my opinion. Oh before I forget I lost your alternate email address and I just can't take having another bounce back from hpana.com or mugglepost.com, I've sent you about 20 in the past three months all of them came back.

  3. I LUUUUUURVE eggnog. It is chock full of calories so I try to limit it to holidays, but it is fabulous. I also made, for the first time this year, Tom and Jerry Batter and that is ALSO very lovely--fluffier, but also sweet and milky.

  4. Mmm. Nog. Mmmmm... Second the nutmeg, normally I'm all about the cinnamon but that's for cider this time of year, nutmeg is for nog. Rum goes in both. :-D

  5. After a significant hiatus, you're back and egging us on. (You expected a pun didn't you; old Bears don't change much with time.) Here, across the pond, you can get Eggnog pre-made at the dairy case. Sadly, that only lasts for a couple of weeks before Christmas.

    Blessings and Beaar hugs for 2012, and all the eggnog you can handle.

  6. Emma - welcome! I ALWAYS tell myself that the diet starts in the new year. At some point, anyway. *snort*

    Weesa! Yes, I am alive. *grins* And Oh My Lordy! Why oh why did I say cinnamon?? I *knew* it was nutmeg!*smacks head* You can always mail me at tundiel@googlemail.com - that's my main email addy now.:)

    Tami - Tom and Jerry batter?? Will have to google that one methinks. ;p

    Leanne - yeah, I've already owned up to the cinnamon mistake. Really don't know why my brain did that... possibly it was overly eggnogged.

    Rob-bear - it's definitely been too long since I showed my face. And I'm glad that old bears don't change. :) Blessings and bear hugs right back atcha!!