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Saturday, 1 October 2011

*is changing the post's title*

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Lordy, October came around far too fast for my liking... but, October it is, therefore I must don my blogging skates and get cracking on this self-imposed challenge. I'll be posting the list of requests that I received at the top of every post this month so that everyone can keep track on me (and check that I'm not cheating *shifty*), plus it will be good for me to cross things off publicly. *nods*

I seem to remember saying that I would blog about these things in the order they were suggested, but as I skimmed over the list (wincing more than once, by the way), I 've decided to tackle whatever takes my fancy each and every day as we go through the month. I have a feeling that several of the harder topics will be bunched together from the 25th onwards. *coughs*

Here goes!

Pub lunches.
Fairy tales.
Crazy dream/nightmare.
A nasty post on Brighton or Butlins.
Zombie apocalypse.
Star Wars - Taff style.
Monty Python - Taff style.
The origin of pi.
Plato vs. Aristotle.
Chocolate - good or bad for you?.
The smallest country in the world.
Why are villains so damn sexy?
Creepy Halloween stories/movies that have the same lame plot.
The relativity of time.
Rubber ducks.
Air sex.
Saucy seaside postcards.
Nude calenders.
Toffee apples.
Dung beetles.
Bicarbonate of Soda.
Spinsters and cats.
Chemical toilets.
Light bulbs.
Flea circuses.
Door stops.

A month full of madness begins,
I wonder what nonsense it brings?
I asked for requests
For October's blogfest
The mind boggles at some of these things.

Sexy villains and rubber ducks -
These will surely inspire some muck!
I'll be sure to include
Some calenders - nude,
And a toffee apple to suck.

I could say that air sex is hot,
That some movies have a lame plot.
And bicarb of soda?
I'd have preferred Yoda!
Yet I'm stuck with fleas and door stops.

Heaven knows how I'll get through it all,
I'm expecting to hit that Brick Wall
With the relativity of time,
And the origin of pi,
But still, I'm gonna have a ball!

Honestly, I keep reading this list, and all I can think of is... *doomed*

Edit: Oops, I'm supposed to be asterisking my titles too. *shifty*

Edit 2 (I have a feeling this month is going to be a *shifty* one through and through):  Acckkkk!

Somehow I didn't include Jan's suggestions, though I saw them AND commented on them at the time! I will have to fit them in somewhere, and so that they are on record, the suggestions were:

1. Write on something you do not wish to even think about, let alone write about.

2. Something about a commonly held belief or myth that you'd like to take umbrage with. For instance, the myth of soul-mates, or the myth of not enough food in the world to feed the hungry...

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  1. A bit late I know but it's been a hectic month. As you'll find in own blog the reason for I won't digress hear. Anywhoo Love the start of your challenge and recognize some of the suggestions. Sure you'll do great:)