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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

*is not dreaming*

Pub lunches.
Fairy tales.
Crazy dream/nightmare.
A nasty post on Brighton or Butlins.
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Bicarbonate of Soda.
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Chemical toilets.
Light bulbs.
Flea circuses.
Door stops.

Something you do not wish to even think about, let alone write about.
Something about a commonly held belief or myth that you'd like to take umbrage with. 

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So Maria asked me to blog about a crazy dream or nightmare - or one that I don't mind sharing, at any rate. The problem is, I honestly don't think that I have crazy dreams. Or if I do, I just don't remember them. I think it's possible that the crazies don't visit me in the night because they're with me so often in daylight hours...

Anywho, I do remember some of my dreams, and I suppose that they are a bit odd, but not in the way that you might think. I have those stupid dreams that don't actually feel like a dream. You know, the ones where you are doing silly, mundane things like the weekly shop, or cooking a Sunday roast.

Seriously, these dreams are as un-dreamlike as they could possibly be. I remember one time going to the bathroom, having a wee (sorry if that's too much info *snort*), stripping off for a bath, and reading a book. I was just getting to a good part (it was a re-reading of a favourite), and my flipping alarm clock went off. I was not impressed. One, because I hate waking up anyway, and two, I was really enjoying my read, and the book in question was one that I didn't actually own, so I couldn't resume the story. Grr.

Anywho, that's about as crazy as my dreams get. Like I said, I think my daytime loony-ness forces my brain into getting as much normal-ness as it can while it has a chance. As soon as my eyes open, the craziness resumes....


  1. Oh, dear! That cartoon bit looked dreadful.
    Day time craziness means night time normalness? I suppose it's logical.

  2. I think it's about the only logical thing about my life, actually.*snort*