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Sunday, 16 October 2011

*embracing the oddness*

Pub lunches.
Fairy tales.
Crazy dream/nightmare.
A nasty post on Brighton or Butlins.
Zombie apocalypse.
Star Wars - Taff style.
Monty Python - Taff style.
The origin of pi.
Plato vs. Aristotle.
Chocolate - good or bad for you?.

The smallest country in the world.
Why are villains so damn sexy?
Creepy Halloween stories/movies that have the same lame plot.
The relativity of time.
Rubber ducks.
Air sex.
Saucy seaside postcards.
Nude calenders.
Toffee apples.
Dung beetles.

Bicarbonate of Soda.
Spinsters and cats.
Chemical toilets.
Light bulbs.
Flea circuses.
Door stops.

Something you do not wish to even think about, let alone write about.
Something about a commonly held belief or myth that you'd like to take umbrage with.  

Original Image

My list of requests is getting harder and harder to work with, and some of the suggestions are really quite disturbing. I had a quick search on Google images for today's subject, and almost the first picture I saw was the one above. Now, I might have said that some of the suggestions were a bit disturbing, but I have to admit, that might be because my brain thinks a bunch of stuff is odd. 

Anyway,  as soon as I saw this, it reminded me of my old deep fat fryer. And seeing as it is actually a chemical toilet, my immediate reaction was 'ewww'.

I hope that 'link' disturbs you as much as it did me. And on that note, I'll leave you to your odd imaginings...



  1. Yes, well, um. . . . That's "interesting."

  2. Hahaha, yeah... pretty difficult having to come up with something on chemical toilets. At least I have a nutty brain to come up with odd links, eh? *snort*

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  4. Well it seems that I have caught up on all the posts. Love what you've done so far and can't wait to see what's next. Sorry I haven't been by sooner been one of those months.

  5. All caught up now. Sorry I wasn't by sooner it's been one of those months. Can't wait to see what's next:)

  6. You have an interesting post. I love the oddness and what you've done with it.

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  7. no to zombie apocalypse. that is one of my greatest fears. but air sex, really? LOL! how does one go about that?


    1. Hi Ryan! I covered the 'air sex' in the *is not doing THAT* on the list on the right. The zombie post is *is introducing a friend*... although both are slightely skewered versions of the topic...

      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. same question, why are villains so sexy? i know, right? you get to see them everywhere, movies, television.. even in comedy genres beautiful women and handsome men take to make a fool out of themselves.

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