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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Rant Against A Romance Basher

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I woke up this morning feeling a few things; glad that I had a day off, looking forward to having a day of Nothing-To-Do-For-A-Change, and general thankfulness that I could go back to sleep if I should want to. I made a cuppa and saw my kids off to school for the day, and then made another cuppa to go with my morning scrawl through my Facebook newsfeed (oh what an exciting life I lead, huh?).

Then I came across a link that one of my Facebook friends shared, and started cussing. The link was to a blog post, and the more I read, the more I cussed. Then I got to reading the replies, and cussing doesn't even begin to describe what was going on inside my head.

I guess I should share the link here, though it goes against the grain to give this guy any more readership. I just don't think I can repeat what he said without cussing all over the place. There's nothing wrong with cussing - in fact, regular readers of this blog know that I enjoy cussing in my Taffish fashion quite often - but I don't really want half of the post to be excessive profanity.

Anyway, before I go further, you should probably READ THIS. I promise it won't take more than two minutes tops. Great, now that I've added the link, I can remove it from my bookmarks. *shudders*

Now, I don't want to get too personal, because that might mean that I end up insulting this nitwit. I don't even want to argue any of his useless and pathetic points. Honestly, I don't have a problem with the base of his post. The guy doesn't like the romance genre, and that's fair enough. It's just the way he did it. He insulted hundreds of readers and writers of romance in a few short paragraphs.

I might not have been so wound up about this if I had just read his post (insulting enough though that was, it was his opinion, and everyone is entitled to an opinion), but then I had the misfortune to read the comments, and Oh My Lordy. I take back my nitwit comment. That is far too kind a descriptions for this guy, and an insult to nitwits in general. Most nitwits have redeeming qualities. I - for example - am a complete nitwit, but I know how to laugh at myself and take no insult when somebody calls me one. I'd hazard a guess that if this guy ever read this post, he would sneer in a superior manner and post a stream of what he assumes to be blistering set-downs (though that would be pointless, because I would just laugh).

Anywho, I digress...

According to this guy, because I read romance, I am a woman still stuck in her teenage years who has no right to be bothering with romance when I am grown up and should know better. Now, I'm not directly quoting here, but that's the gist. Also, even if I manage to get published, it won't matter because romance will never be considered 'good writing'; when compared to other genres, so being published won't mean that my work is considered 'good'. Blimey, if I'd have known that, I wouldn't have wasted my time writing the darn thing. Thanks for the tip.

Furthermore, if a book is termed romance, then it is, apparently by default, 'bad' or 'tacky'. Because apparently, it would be called a classic love story otherwise. Apparently.

Um, right. Apparently this guys a complete tit, though I don't mean anything personal by it, because that would mean I was insulting the person, and not the post. So far I have called this guy a nitwit, but then I took it back. Anything else I said was only implied, therefore not really an insult. And by using the word 'apparantly',  the 'complete tit' reference was only a suggestion, not really an insult at all. Actually, this guy might like being called a 'tit', now that I think about it (implied or otherwise). His level of maturity hasn't quite passed that Thirteen-And-Can't-Help-Giggling-Whenever-I-See-Naked-Boobs phase. And frankly, he should have passed that by now as he is grown up and should know better.


Ooh, was that a hit?

Wow, I've lost my train of thought now and have forgotten what I wanted to say. Must be because I am a woman, and therefore illiterate, and obviously not well-adjusted.

I think I'd better stop now, or I'll end up bitching about this all day. One last thing though, this blogger (was so tempted to use another word there) describes himself as 'I'm a sexy, single, white male with a really big, uh, wallet. (It's where I keep all my I.O.U.s). I also write a bit.'.

Dude, take a tip from me. Any woman reading your post today will never consider you sexy. And your implied reference of having a big 'wallet' really only tells us that you are over-compensating your lack of wallet-ness (not to mention your lack of tact, wit, and probably brains too). As to writing 'a bit', I sincerely hope it stays that way. Because if I ever have to read 'a lot' of your verbal vomit, I would probably choke.


  1. Thanks Tara loved your blog and while I had a nice conversation last night with a couple of friends about him my thoughts were the same. We are all untitled to our opinion no matter what it is, but then I started reading the comments. OMG I had to stop. And just a note he was deleting them if he didn't like them or if you pointed things out.


  2. Excellent post! I've come to the conclusion that that guy was the very personification of an internet troll. Didja know he deleted almost all comments he disagreed with?

    So...I made a meme: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.quickmeme.com%2Fmeme%2F35sx8o%2F&h=2AQHmHP3iAQFJsAABJuuPXVn-BFfUWADPklPlBRtihCbUYw

  3. Hey Tara,
    I think this guy is just upset that romance novels sell WAY better than his drivel! He's jealous that something like Twilight (which I enjoy) is so popular but really it shouldn't be because it is 'tacky'. I read romance so I don't have think, so I can zone out for an hour or so. I must admit to this being the first time reading your blog but find myself amused and wanting more (this is a good thing)
    He said he was good looking, DID you see his picture sorry he doesn't do it for me either :P
    Don't worry Tara you'll be popular while he is still living in his mothers cellar condemning everyone else for their success no matter how pathetic he thinks it is.


  4. Sharon - yeah, I saw that he'd been deleting posts. Like I said, what a complete tit.

    Brooklyn - I saw your meme.. too funny!*snort*

    Kimmy - Hahahaha, yeah, I saw his piccy. I have to say, Brooklyn's meme is a big improvement... it distracts you nicely.

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

  5. I couldn't let myself read the comments after I read the blog. He sounds like a real loser and from the pic and description of himself I can't see any self respecting woman thinking of him as sexy. Hopefully he'll stop writing a bit soon so that real authors (like you) can get on with entertaining the rest of us. Romance novels are just as respectful as any other books in my opinion.

    1. Weesa - yeah, he's not not gaining any friends by the way he speaks, is he? The thing is, I understand the view that romance sometimes isn't as serious as other genres, but that doean't mean it is not difficult to write. And you do get *terrible* romance books... but you get terrible books in other genres too. He could have made a perfectly decent post about why he thinks romance is bottom level writing, instead all he did was make 99% of people who read his blog sure that what he wrote was drivel - it was just so plainly ridiculous. *rolls eyes*

      Real authour.... heh...

  6. Just here to follow your blog as an A to Z co-host. Nice to meet you, Tundiel!

    1. Nice to meet you too, Matthew! Looking forward to flexing my A-Z muscles again this year. :)

  7. LOL you really ranted there and lit into him, poor guy, sounds like he deserves it though.

    1. Yeah, I went off on one just a wee bit, didn't I? The guy made my blood boil though. There are ways and means of getting an opinion across without using insults (er, my reply post not being one of them *snort*).

  8. Hi Tara; Just picked you off the A to Z list. Funny post. could be great fodder for the A to Z thing.

    I'll be back.

    1. LOVE your profile name! Wow, you're getting in early on checking out the A-Zers! Thanks for stopping by. :)