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Friday, 6 April 2012

F is for...


Donning some clothes that are not your own
Take a new character as a loan
Sexy nurses and docs
Or a dancer that's hot
Will surely cause a gasp or a moan.

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  1. Betty Boop - haha

    Popping in as an A to Z Blogging Challenge participant. Please feel free to visit and comment on any of my blogs as well, leaving a link to your own post, so my readers can find you too!

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  2. Oh, one of the singers in my singing trio is singing the Betty Boop song I wanna be loved by you - boo boopa do!

  3. The play's the thing! I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge this month.

  4. Hello Tara,

    Fun post, I think I just found my new favorite blog. Love the way you write!

    I discovered your site through the A to Z Challenge and am now a follower, but not in a stalker-ish way with binoculars and night vision goggles or anything like that ….

    Feel free to take a peek at my blog too if you have time. I write humor, and people tell me I’m funny (maybe it’s just the voices in my head, that’s what the doctor told me this last time when he upped my meds again).



  5. Well, at least you haven't been procrastinating about your A - Z Challenge posts. This is a good start.

  6. Ha, you think YOU are the princess of procrastination? I'll bet I have you beat. Have you ever noticed that it is the artistic person (writer, singer, actor, artist) that loves to procrastinate? We just always have so many greater things to do than to do the mundane. Ha. Best regards to you, Ruby

  7. Sounds like your inner actress is trying to escape her confines.*giggles*

  8. Thanks for the comment love, guys! I'm trying to get to as many blogs as I can, but the list is HUGE!! As I'm sure you all know.

    Meanwhile, I need to get something posted for 'G'...