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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

T is for...

Tic Toc

In a departure from limericks for today only, I have for your viewing 'pleasure', a video of my ten year old daughter performing a dance routine that she choreographed herself for the song 'Tic Toc' by Kesha. If you can get through the video (it's under four minutes), you will hear yours truly saying my Taffy catchphrase. Originally,  I was going to read an old Taff post for my 'T', but I couldn't figure out how to upload the recording from my phone, and I have no idea how to use the laptop's recording facility...  *is technically inept*



  1. T video is "unavailable." Sigh. The story of my life.

  2. Oops... fixed. It was originally posted to my Facebook page, and I have it set so that only my Facebook friends can see anything that I post. Just made the video 'public', so it SHOULD work now. Sorry!

  3. Tell her good job. I get these same kind of performances around the house.