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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Topsy Turvy

It's been a mixed week so far. I have surprised myself by doing lots of different things on the computer that should have been done yonks ago for a start. *nods* I got around to cleaning the forum I am in charge of over at HPANA, finished posting the end of a fanfic on the same site, and updated two others (2k words each) that hadn't been touched for eighteen months (the eighteen months is a perfect example of how bad my procrastinating can get).

Speaking of which....

... this is pretty much the only thing I have done on the computer today. Playing the slots on one of the Facebook applications is about the only thing I can do to get my computer fix on a Thursday seeing as I usually work from 6am until 10am, then my sister visits from 11am until 10pm .

But on the other hand, I think I deserved a day of shirking, as not only did I do a lot for my HPANA needs, I also created a brand new blog page too. *nods again* Of course, I didn't create it with the intention of using it a great deal (not that anyone who knows me well would think that *snort*), it's more for the purpose of getting the word out about my novel which - wonder of wonders! - I am finally getting around to fixing up. If you have a spare minute, please pop along to Cardiffella, where over the next six months I will be giving updates on how my editing, polishing, and eventual submission process is going. *crosses fingers*

And that's all I have to say today. *nods one final time*


  1. Haven't received any mail yet. Heading off to Cardifella.

  2. A day of shirking is a beautiful thing if you've earned it like you have! And I think my fics are only 3 and 6 months past last updates... I'm feeling a little better there (especially as I have one sitting and waiting to be typed...