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Friday, 18 March 2011

What's Wrong With These People??

The picture is poor quality, so you can't really see how bad the welt is, but this is the state of my son's leg at the moment. He also has a large welt around his ankle area on the same leg.


Because about an hour and a half ago,  some 16 year old kid thought it would be fun to attack my son with a large tree branch. The little ****** came from nowhere, attacked my son, tackled him to the ground (with another friend to help him), and all the while another sadistic little sh*t recorded the whole incident on his mobile phone.

You know, I'm so angry right now that I can't even compose my thoughts properly. What the hell is going on in this world??


  1. omg ... wtf??? whoever that thought it was a good idea deserves to be slapped!!

  2. Holy CRAP! Those kids need a beating of their own! I would try to get the police involved and have the video confiscated as evidence. Why would anyone think that was a good idea?
    Maybe young Dale needs to carry pepper spray, it seems like he gets a lot of crap from the boys that he knows.

  3. Thats terrible! Anyway of identifying those kids and getting the police involved?

  4. The police are already involved. In fact, that's how I found out - they called at my house before my son came home. Dale knows the name of the main boy involved, and there are two witnesses who can back up Dale's story that it was unprovoked. The poolice took pictures of his leg earlier and they're arranging for Dale to go to the station to give a video statement. I'm obviosuly pressing charges. I've dropped a lot of things like this in the past in the hopes that things would calm down (sometimes involving the police can make things worse), but this time I can't and won't do that. This wasn't a 'mucky' fight or horseplay, they hit Dale HARD - those welts are still an angry red and there's some brusing coming out now. He was wearing jeans at the time too, so you can imagine how hard they hit him.

    I'm fuming over it, as you can imagine.

    Anyway, thanks for the support! Oh, and Maria, maybe pepper spray isn't a bad idea, I'll think about it definitely.

  5. Poor thing - what an awefull thing to go through! Get some Witch Hazel on cotton wool against them (as long as the skin isn't broken) This'll bring out the bruising. And probably some rescue remedy for the shock.

  6. oh deario, this is not good. I hope you and your son have some resolution. I can only imagine your anger and underneath - your fear. I'm not for the pepper spray idea though. It can escalate what is going on.

  7. Laura - thanks for the advice! He's ok, the bruising's come out now so it't on the mend. :)

    Jan - Yup, it's really scary. I dread to think the scenario if they had gone for his head rather than his leg. *shudder* And I agree with the 'no pepper spray' on thinking about it. It definitly could cause things to worsen. It's the same thing when you involve the police. Sometimes it's not worth it because you know it will make things worse. I'm not dropping it this time though. Verbal abuse is one thing, this is something else. Enough is enough.