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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Awaiting The Third.

I'm sure a lot of you will remember when I limericked last week about my kitty. Poor, sweet little Angel who had been subjected to a visit to the vet to be spayed. She's still recovering well, although with another six days before the stitches can come out (thus another six days of wearing the torture tool that is The Cone Collar), she is still somewhat disorientated.

Altogether now; one, two, three... Ahhhhhh!

You may also remember when I limericked the week prior to that about my infamous Tara-Trips (I'm pretty sure you may know where this is going. *snort*) You know, those silly things that I find myself tripping over from time to time. Like fresh air, for example.

Anywho, on Monday, dear, sweet little Angel, who has been going slightly doolally in the last week owing to her head-wear, decided that a scamper through the kitchen might be a nice idea. Perhaps a frolic by food dish, or maybe a playful swatting of a dishcloth seemed to be the order of the day. All well and good, but when she timed her scurry-by to fit neatly with the time I was poised to empty the mop bucket, then things didn't quite go to plan. Several curses and desperate grasping motions did little to stop the bucket from slipping from my hands and upending all over the floor. *mutters darkly* I managed to rescue my flooded kitchen, but I'm pretty sure my tiles - which are only meant to be cleaned using a damp mop (and not a bucket full of hot soapy water) - will never be the same again.

Honestly, I love my baby to bits, but I'm pretty sure I glared at her. And cursed. A lot.

Despite the dirty look and foul language, Little Miss I Shouldn't Be Called Angel did not learn her lesson. Last night she decided once again that a sprint through the kitchen was the absolute only thing in the world that she wanted to do.

Yup, Trip #2 coming up.

I'm pleased to report that I was nowhere near the mop bucket (though if I had been it would have been fine seeing as it was empty). Unfortunately, I'm not so pleased to report that I was in the middle of ironing. In my surprise of almost being knocked from my feet by a Very Fast Pussy, I inadvertently ended up ironing the inside of my arm rather than my son's school shirt. I'm not sure how clear the picture is (my phone has a poor camera), but you should be able to make out the lovely burn that I have. Isn't it fetching?

With another six days before the collar comes off, hence another six days of extra frantic scampering, I am dreading what the third trip will be, because me being me, there is bound to be another one.

*candles self*

Hmm, perhaps not the best choice of words...

Edit: Ha! I just noticed that Angel managed to get into the picture of my arm. How apt! 


  1. OuCH!!! that looks very sore... blooming scampering pussies - serious health risk!

    Maybe a large pack of cotton wool in order for you?

  2. Poor girl.......animal lovers cannot help but collect various kinds of scars.......having now seen your I'll gladly show you mine......

    However, I am commenting not just out of sympathy......are you absolutely sure you need to keep that collar on her for 6 more days?

    I have had about a gazillion kitties spayed and nary a collar was needed. Is she such a voracious licker? You might want to try her without it and see if it goes well......you can always put it back.

  3. Holy shiz.....that looks horrible.

  4. Ouch. I remember when my lab got spayed. Four stone of careering chocolate brown fur hurtling round the place, knocking over bins and chairs with her ridiculous red plastic lampshade collar. It's like they know you elected to have their girly bits tampered with, and they're determined to make you pay.

  5. Laura - Scampering pussies are *definitely* a health risk. Both my cats have a habit of sleeping on the top stair, and tht times my hubby has fallen over them in the middle of the night...

    Angela - ouch indeed. It's not too bad actually, I just need to make sure that I don't knock it.

    Lo - I took the collar off for a couple of hours every day at first, just so she could have a wash and be comfortable for a while. Unfortunately she has now cottoned on that if she hides as soon as the collar comes off, she can have a good old bite at the pesky itching stitches. My other cat didn't need a collar when she was spayed, but this one is a biter.

    Amy - it looks worse than it is. Luckily the iron only had about a second on my skin, and I put it straight under the cold water tap to minimise damage. *Very* sore last night, not too bad today.

  6. Christine - whoops, we cross posted. Ha! I love your explanation! It just makes so much sense. And those collars *are* like lampshades, aren't they? I'm glad I never needed them after my operations...not that I bite myself, but you know what I mean. ;p

  7. Oh how awful it looks terribly sore.
    Hope it recovers soon.

  8. Owwy! Hope it doesn't feel as bad as it looks. Poor kitty. Hopefully the remaining days of her torture device( my kitty didn't need one thankfully) go without further trips.:)

  9. Owww, your arm looks so sore. My feline girls hated those lamp shades, I gave up with them within the 1st 24 hrs after they got trapped under furniture! Shh don't tell the vet :-)