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Friday, 6 May 2011

I Wanna Be A Billionaire So Ducking Bad

... and buy all of those things I never had!

Yup, I totally get this song. Totally. Not to mention that it's got a beat that I can shake my booty to. Anyway, perhaps 'billionaire' is a bit of a stretch. Honestly, right now I'd settle for being a hundredaire (that's not a word, but youknoworrimean). Everything is going up in price (except for our wages), and my both my kids seem to have had endless growth spurts in the last six months.

Anyway anyway, I heard this song earlier today, and as I nodded along thinking 'oh yes, don't we all?', I got to thinking of other songs that were very true to life, and...well, I couldn't think of any. I mean, most song lyrics are all lovey-dovey balder-rot, and to be frank, life's just not that way. So bang went my idea to blog about cool song lyrics.

So instead of writing a (hopefully) witty and decent blog post, I cleaned my house instead. The excitement of a housewife's daily life is sometimes too much to bear, it really is. The level of the clothes in the laundry basket set my heart to fluttering, and the chaos of the daughter's bedroom fairly caused me to swoon.  And although I have been called a scrubber in the past, it's slightly disappointing to realise that it was meant literally.


Now, if I had a nice housemaid to do all of those 'lovely' chores, I would be very excited indeed (especially if the housemaid was tall, muscled, and liked to clean in little more than a pinny), but alas, funding doesn't stretch to that. To be fair, even if funding did stretch to that, I'm pretty sure the hubby would have one or two objections, but that's neither here nor there (sadly). Still, it's a nice idea, but I would definitely need a few bob to do it.

And so yes, I Wanna Be A Billionaire So Ducking Bad...

Money Image
Porn For Women (I have this book! Courtesy of my fellow Burrower Leanne. *nods*)


  1. Honestly a man who cleans house complains more than than a woman cleaning house. Because it's a WOMAN'S job and why should HE have to do it blah blah blah (not that any man I know ever put it that way, but it was insinuated a few times).

  2. My husband has that exact attitude, Marjorie. It drives me CRAZY! Not that I don't love him, cause I do.

  3. My husband didn't mind a bit of housework now and then, But I always enjoyed doing myself anyway.


  4. I am really, really bad at cleaning. Can cook up a storm. But hoover? Not so much.

    I feel you, gf!

  5. I'm afraid with maids like him on the job that the Merry Maids company would be out of business in no time.
    *wanders off wishing to be atleast a thousandaire*

  6. I have a weird love of vacuuming. Most other household cleaning chores I totally hate (especially doing the dishes!) but for some reason I love vacuuming. I think it's because you can actually see/track the difference, and there's something very soothing about the back-and-forth, repetitive motion. Really lets me think!

    But, um, I wouldn't mind getting someone in to clean the bathroom... and the kitchen... and...

  7. We've had a maid for about 16 of our 26 years together. WE call her the best marriage counselor we could ever have. No more arguing over who's going to pick up that magazine off the floor or clear the dinner table of the dishes. Okay, maybe we're petty, but we love our Kim.

    MM the Queen of English

  8. Some household cleaning tasks are rather enjoyable to me but if someone offered to clean the bathroom and the floors, I surely wouldn't complain.....unless they did a poor job at it, lol.

    The Madlab Post

  9. Tara, I want you to know that I will highlight your blog on my blog this Monday. I hope you stop by and see what I say (all good, promise).

    MM the Queen of English