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Friday, 3 February 2012


February seems to be the month of waiting for me this year. I'm waiting for the 10th to come around, because when I finish my shift at 6pm that day, I won't have to go back to work until the 28th (woohoo, and there was much rejoicing!). I'm waiting for the 23rd to arrive so that I can either stop biting my nails because I will have failed to get to the second stage of ABNA, or move onto nibbling my hair (due to lack of nail-ness) if I have magically got to the second stage after all.

OK, those are probably the only biggie things that I am waiting on to be truthful, but every day it seems I am waiting for something. Waiting for my son to get home from school (because he can't be trusted to have a key) so that I can pop out somewhere; waiting for my daughter to finish faffing around in the morning so that I can send her to school; waiting for the kettle to boil so that I can make a much needed cuppa...

This morning I left the house a little earlier than I needed to because I got the bus timetables muddled up (for some reason I thought it was Saturday... must be the pre-dawn waking up that confused me methinks), so I was waiting for the bus to arrive far longer than normal. Hence the piccy for today's Phebruary Photo. The largish shadow is moi - huddled in three layers of clothing (not counting the thickly padded coat) no less. It's been in the minus range temperature-wise for the last week or so here in Cardiff, and waiting for the bus seems to take forever...

I have no patience. Waiting sucks.

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