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Monday, 7 April 2014


F is for Flump

I was teased quite a lot as a child,
By those who were wicked and wild.
I was always quite plump,
So they called me a flump
As a nickname, though, that was mild.

Compared to a ball of fluff!! Original image.


  1. Very fun, got caught up today on A-F can't wait to see what's next.

    On a side note are you not on Barnes and Noble now? Couldn't find you today, was looking for your second release there since I don't have the Kindle.

    1. Hey Weesa! *glomps*

      Ah yes, I need to do a post about this, but basically I have pulled my rights vback from my (now ex) publisher and am relaunching IF THE SHOE FITS in a couple of months all by myself. I'm adding new scenes, and it will have a sparkly new cover, too! At the moment it will only be available through Kindle, though (and as a paperback, also through Amazon). I'll do a detailed post about the whys and wherefores once the A-Z is over.