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Thursday, 25 April 2013

V is for...

Vristen Pierce

The Blurb:

When her ex comes to town, Cassie Jones has her world turned upside down. Thanks to her own lies, he expects her to be not only in love with the man of her dreams, but engaged.

Cassie has no time to formulate a revised plan of her own so she enlists the help of co-worker and friend, Julia. Julia’s “help” comes in the form of a man who’s completely wrong for Cassie in every conceivable way. With no time to spare, Cassie plunges headfirst into her fake relationship, despite her hesitation. She’s about to discover that one week can change everything.

by Vristen Pierce

Author Bio:

I write a lot of romance, a little erotica, and a smidgen of erotic romance--but all of it contemporary. For more information on my stories and general randomness and chatter, check out my website: Vristen Pierce.

Book blurbing my way through the challenge on here, and limericking my way through the April A-Z over at The Furry Tale Chronicles. Please drop by!


  1. This looks to be a fun read! Where did you run into this author, Tara!
    Jan Morrison

    1. As Vristen said, it was when I became a Crimson author. Though that's the short story. The LONG story is that we initially connected via Twitter, I did my stalking thing and friended her on FB, then realised that Vristen was a CR author too (which I should have know, but I was being my usual oblivious self *rolls eyes at self*). Then we discovered that we shared procrastination 'quirks', as well as a love of making up words and biting off more than we can chew. I love it when that happens! *high-fives Vristen*

      Yeah... that's what happened LOL!

  2. Woot! Thank you so much for dedicating a blog post to my wacky little romance. Much appreciated, Tara!

    Hi, Jan! Tara and I met when she became a fellow Crimson Romance author. It's nice to meet you as well!

    1. No problemo!! I got there in the end... after accidentally swapping the book, then posting a day early because I thought I was late, then realising that it was still Wednesday, NOT Thursday...


  3. Ooh, this looks intriguing. My kind of book. :D

    1. Hi Chary!!! *glomps* Yeah, I have this ready on my Kindle, just waiting to be read. One more shift tomorrow, then nine wonderful days off, when all I plan to do is reading. Well, sleeping too, but mostly reading. *winks*

  4. Four entries left in the A-Z can't wait to see what books you have left to share.