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Saturday, 27 April 2013

X is for...

Mr X

X is a tricky letter, but with a 'mystery man' featuring in the blurb for this book, and 'Mr X' a common way of naming a mystery person, I again cheated a little. Issallgood, though, innit? *winks*

The Blurb:

After being dumped by her cheating boyfriend, Maggie Tyler’s inner crazy person is about to be unleashed. Once free, Crazy Lady wreaks havoc on Maggie’s orderly life. By the time she wrestles the monster back into its cage, Maggie is fired from her cushy position as an executive assistant. Out of work, and unemployable, she’s forced to take a job manning the balloon stand at Party World. She wears a furry Binky the Baboon costume, hoping no one from her past will see her. All goes well until a wise-ass teenager opens the floodgates for an encore performance of Crazy Lady. Maggie is canned once again.

With the bill collectors swarming like sharks, she is forced to take a job tending bar at Frank’s Rock Club. Complications mount when her sullen teenage niece Becca arrives for the summer, along with a stray and very battle-scarred cat. As Maggie begins her new life, she jettisons her most destructive habits…smoking and love, and is joined on her journey by her friend, Pat, an emotionally battered veteran of the dating scene who bears the skid marks of too many failed relationships. Despite her resolve, Maggie finds herself drawn to David, a man of mystery. Is he the man of her dreams or the stuff of her worst nightmare?

As Maggie, Pat and Becca pick their way along the road toward true love, they find themselves facing unforeseen roadblocks.. not the least of which is organized crime. Is Mystery Man a criminal? Will Frank turn out to be Pat’s soulmate? Will the arrival of Becca’s mom throw ice water on her burgeoning romance? Does love triumph? Well, of course!

by Bea Moon

Author Bio:

Bea Moon is a former Vermonter, who made a beeline to South Florida at the first opportunity. She’s worked at many things, from waitress to executive secretary, with stopovers as newspaper columnist and freelance editor. She’s eighty years old and still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. She love music (everything from Randy Travis to Pavarotti), reading, Downton Abbey, Dexter, and the Miami Dolphins. She reads palms (strictly for fun), and is fascinated by possibility of reincarnation.

Princess Prattle:

As I stated above, 'X' is a tricky letter, but I had to make it fit for this book! The cover is great, there's loads of lovely angsty goodness in the plot, plus there's a cat in there too! Not only that, but I just really want to be like this fabulous lady author 'when I grow up' too! If I'm still writing novels at the age of 80, I will be over the moon (no pun intended). What a fabulous inspiration to struggling writers everywhere!

Book blurbing my way through the challenge on here, and limericking my way through the April A-Z over at The Furry Tale Chronicles. Please stop by!!


  1. This sounds like a super-sweet story. I like it. :-)

  2. Congrats on your recent release, Bea. The book blurb is a winner and I can't wait to read your novel!

  3. Nice! Best wishes to you!
    -R.T. Wolfe