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Friday, 19 April 2013

Q is for...

Again, I've had to be creative with today's letter, as there wasn't a book or an author that I could find to represent the letter 'Q', but there is an interesting 'character' in this novel with a 'Q' name, so that's what I went with!

The Blurb:

Brilliant cryptologist Dr. Sarah Tu races against time to block the most dangerous Internet malware ever created, a botnet called QUALNTO. While Sarah is closed off in her computer lab, her sister, Hanna, is brutally attacked and left in a coma. As Sarah reels with guilt over not being there for her sister, a web of deception closes in, threatening her and everyone she loves.

Hanna’s condition is misleading. In her coma state, she is able to build a psychic bridge with FBI Special Agent Jason McNeil. Her cryptic messages plague Jason to keep Sarah safe.

Tough and street-smart Jason McNeil doesn’t believe in visions or telepathic messages, and he fights the voice inside his head. His first impression of Dr. Sarah Tu is another stiletto wearing ice-dragon on the war path―until he witnesses her façade crumble after seeing her sister’s bloody, tortured body. Jason’s protective instinct kicks in. He falls for Sarah―hard.

When an extremenly dangerous arms dealer and cybercriminal discovers that Sarah blocked his botnet, he kidnps Sarah. Placed in an impossible position, will she destroy the botnet to protect national security or release it to save the man she loves?

by Nancy C. Weeks

Author Bio:

Nancy C. Weeks lives in suburban Maryland with her husband of more than thirty years. She has two children in college and spends her days out on her deck writing as the local bird population keeps her company. She loves to hear from her readers.
For more about Nancy C. Weeks: website; blog; Facebook

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  1. Tara,
    Thanks so much for hosting my debut novel, In the Shadow of Greed on my blog. It looks so great here. And you are so clever to use the name of my botnet as your Q letter.

    1. You're welcome, Nancy!! It's been a pleasure to host so many of the fabulous CR Sisters on my blog - and we're release day sisters too, which is *extra* nice! :D