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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Arrrggghhh!!! #2

I think I may have used 'arrrggghhh' as a title before, so to be on the safe side I have added a '#2' on the end, and made the 'argh' extra long. Not that you needed to know that, but there we are.

Anyway, am currently arrrggghhhing fairly frequently. Am still bloody waiting for the cash machine people to give me back the £200 that they stole from me last week (okay, so they didn't steal it technically, but that's how it felt). Am also trying to juggle my cash so that I have enough to buy remaining presents by the end of this week. I really, really want to have every-one's gifts out of the way by Friday because I am going to be rushing around like an idiot as from next week, so I don't need the hassle of gift-stress.

Of course, none of you are remotely interested in any of this.

Anywho, have just finished writing 50 plus cards out this morning, and have posted almost all of the overseas ones. Of course, I highly doubt that everyone will get them in time, because of crappy Royal Mail. I should have sent them at least two weeks ago, but NaNo made me forget all sorts of things like that.

And the other day I spent hours wrapping presents up while the kids were at school (38 presents to be exact, and only about five were normal-shaped and easy to do, while the others came in shapes that I don't think are normally in existence at any other time of year).  Also, my cat was apparently under the impression that the sellotape was a football, and that the wrapping paper's sole purpose in life was in fact not to wrap, but to provide hours of slippery slidey fun for domesticated pussies.

And I know you didn't want to know any of that either.

Am also arrrggghhhing because I still don't have any regular computer access. Both of my deceased laptops will no doubt never be resurrected, and so I am hoping that I will be able to scrape enough cash together to buy a shiny new laptop in the January sales. Have dutifully requested cash instead of gifts from close family members and hubby, and will have to find the remaining needed myself (possibly I may not feed my kids for one week, but I'm sure they won't mind, after all they can surely survive on Cadbury's selection boxes and bags of Haribo for a while, yes?)

On another note, I am not arrrggghhhing over the fact that I won't have to take kiddie-winkles to the cinema tonight. The son's school requires my presence for 'Options Evening', where we can discuss which subjects my son would like to take for his GCSEs next year. I can now happily put off the nightmare that is watching Twilight: New Moon until Saturday, with the added bonus that I have arranged a girly evening that very same day, thus I will be able to drown the inevitable Twilight gloominess in a bottle of vodka or two. On the downside, am slightly traumatized by the fact that my ickle first-born is soon to be sitting GCSE's. Where the heck did the last thirteen years go? *cries*

Lastly I am arrrggghhhing about the fact that I am now being Ellied almost every second of every day. Daughter is most excited at approaching birthday (21st December) and is not letting me forget it.

"Twelve sleeps to my birthday!"

"Don't forget, mum, I'll need a chocolate birthday cake for school AND a lovely princessy-pink one for home. Or maybe a High School Musical one, or a Hannah Montana one. Ooh, maybe they have Camp Rock? But definitely NOT another chocolate one, because they HAVE to be different, okay?"

"Mum, how many sleeps again until my birthday?"

"Mum, when my friends come over for pizza and a movie, you WILL remember to light my birthday candles won't you? On the princessy-pink/High School Musical/Hannah Montana/Camp Rock cake. You know."

"Now mum, remember you promised that I could wear my own clothes to school instead of my school uniform on my BIRTHDAY. Can we go choose my clothes now? And we need to decide how I'm wearing my hair."


It's all fun....


  1. snap on aaarrrgggh, snap on Christmas prezzie wrapping and even more bang head here as my son & g.children are in No.Cal, so although I spent last 72 hours wrapping to send today, I agree crappy P.O. won't let them get their speechuls in time: Also snap on your dear daughter's b.day - well almost: my g.dau will be 12 on 19th. If I could give the R.mail a right royal wallop do you think any of this would help? Just want you to know my reasons for doing zilch on FB are because of blog catchups (ancient stones, not really bloggable), but there we go & so when I get to FB in the wee hours the only thing I can do (braindead) is Bejeweled Blitz. So hi pal!
    Tell your gorgeous daughter happy solstice. She'll get it ALL!!!!!!

  2. Hi Marian!

    I COMPLETELY know where you are coming from. I managed to grab half an hour earlier today on the PC so I dutifully typed my blog (which is currently lacking severely on the New Entry Every Day front), and now I've finally managed to get back online, I'm so tired that all I am doing is lurking on blogger and facebook, and will inevitably find myself on Bejeweled for ten minutes before I give up on staying awake.

    I actually have something in mind to blog about tomorrow (son's parents evening is definitely bloggable *snort*) but whether I'll have the chance to kidnap the computer tomorrow for longer than five minutes at a time is another thing.

    My daughter will be eight on her birthday, and so is till too young to appreciate the fact that birthdays so close to Christmas are a nightmare. Still, I am relieved somewhat - she was overdue, and had I not gone into labour naturally, I was scheduled for induction the day before Christmas Eve. Phew!! (Actually, I think it was the scary induction date that set the pains off now that I think about it).

    And Royal Mail are definitely pants, especially in December. *rolls eyes*

    I am sure that my daughter will get everything that her heart desires, at least I hope so, or I suspect I will be Ellied for the rest of my life. Which reminds me, I have to find her some Ugg boots in the next 11 days, or her birthday outfit will be unwearable (or so she says).

  3. Absolutely love the stress reduction kit. Everyone needs one of these in their house.