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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Prison Break

It's been almost a full week without blogs.... *sighs* I've had maybe half an hour a day on the computer for the last week, and these half hours have been in snippets of five or ten minutes at a time. Really not conductive towards blogging (or writing of any kind, for that matter). There's no blog today, either. Well, not technically at any rate.

While I was skimming through the Fan Fun forum over at HPANA, I noticed that I hadn't posted a short story in my compilation thread since August. Even more shaming, the August posting was in fact a mere transferring of a story that I had written previously, so it wasn't even a new story.  Feeling the Guilt Monster breathing down my neck, I quickly opened Wordpad and started typing. You have to bear in mind that I had no clue as what I would write about, but I typed for forty-five minutes or so and dutifully posted my ramblings in my compilation thread anyway. That's the kind of Come What May girl I am.  And, as I am also a Kill Two Birds With One Stone kind of girl (or a cheater, you decide), I figured I'd post my hastily written short story here too. I mean, it's rambling, and it was written with no idea how it would end, so it ties in really well with my other blogs, see?

UPDATE!! Sorry, but I had to take down the story, as the second half jumped out at me to be used in a much better way...


  1. 弱者困於環境,智者利用環境~~加油!.........................

  2. Nice post!!

    You have an award on my page today.

  3. I was just wondering if the the first two comments were from werewolves... I like your creature - loved him, in fact - so, all this blogging biz is really a distraction from the moment of resignation - aka - surrender - to the Muse because all along she wanted you to squeeze out this mythical tale - don't know about you, but where do we take things like this? [I've got somebody on my back saying I should be blogging on associated content.com & it is so-o-o prosaic, so non-imaginative, so non-user-friendly, so in it for the hard cash - not that I don't need it, but there has to be another way... sorry - rambling... ...just wanted to send apols: a comment from me to you is way overdue - happy V day x M