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Saturday, 12 December 2009


I've recently hit the point where I am constantly muttering under my breath at the tragedy that is being laptopless. It's awful, it really is. I have a ton of stuff I could (and should) be doing, but I can't attempt even a tenth of it because I am laptopless. Sure, there are two working PCs in the house, but I can't get to them most of the time. My son's is available during school hours, but I am not. The other PC is largely unavailable at all hours because not only does it belong to the hubby, but it is also the main TV. Bugger bugger bugger.

My dream of blogging every single day is currently on pause, not to be resumed until at least January (or, even worse, February *dies*). But! I will endeavor to get on as much as I can. In the meantime, I can at least blog about what I was going to blog about yesterday and the day before. A recap, as it were.

Thursday's blog was going to be all about Wednesday evening's trip to my son's school. I had all sorts of things to say, mainly about the drama teacher who in fact was MY drama teacher all those years ago. It was incredibly strange coming face to face with the person who, as horrible teenagers, me and my friends used to take the mick out of on a daily basis. Poor guy. And then there was the collective (and very juvenile) snort that passed through the crowd of parents when the presentation screen told us to visit Mr. Cockfield for further details on....hmm, I can't remember the actual subject. It should say something about the parents as a whole that THEY laughed at the name while their children didn't even bat an eyelid. *shifty*

If I had blogged yesterday, it would no doubt have been about my horrible day of spending far too much money on presents for people who probably won't even like them. I'm Scrooge's long-lost daughter, or at least a prodigal niece or something. While I love giving presents, and love seeing people's faces light up when they (hopefully) get what they've always wanted, I can't get past the slight (okay, more than slight) horror that seeps in whenever I hand over another crisp twenty pound note. Honestly, it's like that scene from 'Ghost' when Whoopi Goldberg (whom I've always secretly wished would marry Peter Cushion, just for snorts) is gritting her teeth as she hands over that check to the collecting nuns. Not only that, but I always get home and discover that I have bought a few things that I have no idea what to do with. *scratches head* I think the Scrooge-y stress makes me temporarily forgetful, and I end up having gifts which technically weren't bought with anyone in mind at all.

Today's blog? Well, seeing as it is still, in fact, today, technically I shouldn't have to recap. I should write a full and detailed blog. But I can't. And do you know why? Because the subject that I'm blogging about is seriously not worth more than one paragraph.

Yup, I took the kids to see the new Twilight movie today. *is still shuddering* Lordy. To be fair, it was better than the first effort, but that's the only nice thing I can say about it. Bella Swann has to be the most boring, whiny,middle-of-the-road, selfish and BORING (it needed saying twice) female heroine in the history of female heroines. Just what the hell do the (allegedly) 'gorgeous' Edward Cullen and Jacob (didn't care enough to listen for his surname) see in such a pale and pathetic character?  The whole thing made me want to vomit. Yeuch. Even worse, I actually paid £35 altogether for the 'privilege' to watch it on the big screen. It's enough to make anyone sick. *shudders some more* Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team I Couldn't Give  A Flying Duck. *nods firmly*

Thankfully, I have an evening of vodka lined up, and I am planning to drown my sorrows. Honestly, being laptopless AND having to watch utter tripe and PAY for it calls for at least a full bottle of vodka as far as I am concerned.

Oh, and there's no pictures today because apparently downloading pictures may (or may not, we don't know) have caused a very annoying batch of Trojan viruses to attack our PC on Thursday. Better safe than sorry, especially as I'm not entirely sure if the hubby has put the safety stuff back on again. On the plus side, I don't have to upload a picture from 'Twilight', which isn't a bad thing at all.


  1. Bad news. If you're desperate, you can get a slow but serviceable laptop from Ebay for £90-odd. Probably not ideal 'round Christmas, though.

    I was computerless for two weeks and almost died. Died, I tells ya.

  2. *lights candle* Isn't it awful when you lose the power of the internet? I can at least get on most days, but more often than not it's only for a few minutes here and there. Just long enough to check my emails. And the hours stretch in the evenings when I am sat twiddling my thumbs while hubby plays Zynga poker.

    PC World generally do ex-display laptops for around £200, so I'm crossing my fingers that I can scrape the cash together next month. I have some Christmas cash coming, but I still need to miraculously find £100 from somewhere. I was going to sell MYSELF, but honestly, I'd have to pay THEM, so it's not really worth it. *snorts*