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Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Ten Things To Do When Procrastinating Over Writing Your BuNo Novel....

Randomly decide that today will be the best day ever to sort out the cupboard under the kitchen sink. Of course, when cupboard under the kitchen sink is arranged in a more orderly manner, other cupboards in the kitchen will obviously need a little tidying too.

For research purposes, spend a little time observing the family cat in order to document feline daily behaviour. Forget that your family's puss is in fact an ordinary cat and not the talking puss from your novel, and waste further time by trying to engage said cat in an intellectual conversation. Nuff said.

Play Bejeweled Blitz.

Get extremely annoyed and vexed because your Writing Mojo didn't do his job properly and spank you when he caught you playing Bejeweled Blitz.

Get sucked into watching iCarly with your daughter, even though you usually plug your ears and ignore the TV at all other times.

Write pointless blogs which will probably only be read by the author, and which only serve the purpose of filling another space in order to be one step closer to that magical 100th blog post goal.

Log into Facebook, scroll down the homepage with your eyes closed and randomly left-click your mouse. Open your eyes and read the entire page of wherever the magic mouse click took you. Bonus points if you click on Bejeweled Blitz.

Go to the shop and buy a lottery ticket. Spend an hour daydreaming about how you would spend your millions, and fine tune the shortlist of publishing houses that you intend to 'donate' to in return for publishing your novel.

Forgo the usual exasperated "You are not watching THIS again!" speech when daughter puts on a movie, then spend 90-odd minutes guiltily being entertained by Johnny Depp's Cry Baby.

Waste half an hour thinking up a tenth thing for the Ten Things To Do When Procrastinating Over Writing Your BuNo Novel list.


  1. Very nice list! You tell Belle, though, that she needs to work on her conversation skills.

    So how is your BuNoWriMo progress going? Success so far?

  2. A fairly comprehensive list, but I'm sure we can all add many more - trolling around blogs and reading about ways to procrastinate is my favourite way of procrastinating. Hope your BuNoWrMo progress is progressing despite your deep thinking on weighty matters.

  3. OMG that's me to a tea, although I'm not writing a novel, there are lots of other things I should be doing!

  4. I have days like this, too. For me it's the sirens' call of the internet. :)

  5. Omg Icarly is on right now!!! runs to living room.. lol..I'm the queen princess, is that possible? :)

  6. Tami - I'm two days behind already, BUT I should hopefully catch up mostly by the end of today. *crosses fingers*

    L'Aussie - yup, reading x amount of blogs is another good way to procrastinate, but I somehow managed to hold off on that one the other day.

    Eliza - great avvie! And I do these things most days, regardless of whether I am supposed to be writing or not. *snort* Thanks for stopping by!

    Elizabeth - Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! And I agree, the internet is definitely way too tempting when it comes to luring me away from what I should be doing.

    Sugar - Ha! Would you laugh if I said that I kind of love iCarly? It just cracks me up. *snort* And Drake and Josh. *shifty* Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    Yay, I LOVE it when I get new followers! :)