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Friday, 4 June 2010

*is alphabetting*

Or maybe that should be 'Twenty Six Ways To Waste Time When You Should Be Doing Other Things', but that doesn't fit very well between asterisks, and it is also far too long for a title, so *is alphabetting* it is (which I like anyway, because I am utilizing my penchant for making up words *nods*).

Recently, a few of my blogging buddies took up the challenge to blog from A - Z (which I thought was a brilliant idea) and I was disappointed that I couldn't join in. I mean, I could have, but my recent track record for blogging hasn't been too good, and I didn't want to commit to anything because I knew that I would most likely end up backing out of it. Anywho, just because I couldn't take part doesn't mean I can't have an A - Z on my blog, right? Especially if I cheat. *shifty* So coming up is an A - Z list of blogs that I have already written. This serves two purposes: one, I get to have fun trying to find old blog posts that correspond with each letter of the alphabet, and two, I get to do a a bit of shameless self-plugging. Issallgood, innit?

Here we go!

A is for asterisks, because I just love 'em.

B is for beer, because it is awesome.

C is for confuzzlegasted, because I love making up words.

D is for Dean Winchester. No explanation required.

E is for 'Ellied', a rather unfortunate circumstance that happens when you get cornered by my daughter.

F is for freaking out (which happens to us all).

G is for ghosts, whether real or imagined.

H is for halloween, my second favorite holiday of the year.

I is for innuendo. Obviously!

J is for jumping on the blogwagon (and fondly remembering my very first blog post).

K is for kinky, because I was desperate to find a blog with something to do with 'k', and couldn''t think of anything else, so I loosely connected. *shifty*

L is for Lamonized Limed Lemons. Because I am insane.

M is for Mojo Moments, because we all have 'em. *nods*

N is for NaNoWriMo, which seems to be a label I use quite often,

O is for openings, and not of the smutty kind.

P is for pointless rambles, which to be fair, could have been the majority of my blog posts. *snorts*

Q is for questionable questions, which as far as I'm concerned are extremely annoying.

R is for rhyming, which I attempt quite often, but don't pull off as well as I would like.

S is for saps, because I definitely fall into the cry-baby category.

T is for Taffing. Youknowzitmakezsense!

U is for Uh-Oh. Because that's what I think when I see the state of my typing.

V is for volcano, because I actually blogged about one. *faints*

W is for writing. Or in this case, a letter to my Writing Mojo.

X is for x-rated. Well, it's not really x-rated, but this was the second letter that I had trouble with when looking for a blog, so I am utilizing the very loose connection angle again. Not exactly x-rated, but something that should be banned. Maybe. I don't know. Ugh, 'x' is really hard!!.

Y is for y-fronts. Unfortunately. *snort* (I don't know if it's because I've gone over the limit of how many links you can fit into one post, or if it's because my laptop is playing up (or indeed blogger is playing up), but for some reason it won't let me shamelessly plug y-fronts. Imagine that! If you would like to read a pants post about pants, this is the link: http://procrastinatewithtundiel.blogspot.com/2009/12/its-all-pants-i-say-pants.html) Hmm, it will let me post a full link, but not a magic link which is hidden within the text.... vewy vewy stwange....

Z is for zzzzzzzz. Because I blogged about sleeping. How convenient!

And here endeth the shameless plugging. Oh, wait, no it doesn't! I have one more plug for you, but this time it's for my writers group. June is our A - Z month, and our website - http://www.the-burrow.org/ - is currently showcasing drabbles inspired by the letters of the alphabet. Drop by every day for a new drabble! And in case you thought we couldn't count, yes, we know there are thirty days in June and only twenty-six letters in the alphabet. That's why we have drabbles inspired by Sundays every, erm, Sunday! *winks*


  1. Somehow this post made me want to sing the alphabet-song... A-B-C-D-E-F-G, H-I-J-K-LMNO-P... (I'll save you the dubious honour of hearing the rest...)
    Anyway, this was a handy list - I'm gonna use it to re-read some of your older goldies some day :)

  2. Huh. Why does my comment have a flower in front of it? (Just curious, never seen that before. I want flowers too!)

  3. 天下沒有走不通的路,沒有克服不了的困難,沒有打不敗的敵人。........................................

  4. *wonders if I'm flowery*

    LOVE it, Tara--pointing out how you actually participated after the fact is exactly the shifty misattribution I pride Naked World Domination compatriot for their ability to make!

    *wonders what those chinese letters mean*
    *suspects their pornographic*

  5. Mari - I am now humming the alphabet song too. (Or I was earlier, when I first read your comment, but seeing as I replied to your comment on my Facebook link, it would have looked a bit odd....)

    Tami - I just took your suggestion and used a translator, and apparently the above means : The world has not walked the road which does not pass, could not have overcome the difficulty, has not hit the enemy who does not defeat.

    I'm trying to see if I can get a pornographic spin on that. Will keep you posted. *snort*

    Seriously though, the Chinese letters translate OK, but the '.......' is just a butt load of spam, so please, Chinese person, stop spamming my blog!

  6. Aha! Some of the spamming is porn. Knew it had to be there somewhere.

  7. But the world really has not walked the road which does not pass! That is SOOO true! I think I just found a new meaning in life. And I've seen the light. Or a light, at least. Funny, it is sort of reddish. Should I walk towards the red light?

    You should be proud that you got porn spam, though. It's the best spam there is!

  8. Indeed porn spam IS the best there is! Not least because spam is in fact chopped porK and ham. So we now have chopped porn and ham, and smutty stuff shall hereby be known as pork. *nods*

    And now I shall spam my own blog with a link to some spam...



    You know, I feel a blog coming on....