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Monday, 5 July 2010


Yes, some of you probably already know what I am about to ramble about, but although I am late (as usual) in doing this, I simply can't NOT blather on about the exciting new blog that my writer's group has just launched.

Burrowers, Books & Balderdash is now live! And, although I'd hate to tempt fate by saying this, I am knocking on wood and declaring that it is already a success. The blog was launched less than twelve hours ago and ALREADY has 19 new followers, and a thumping good list of complimentary comments too! Of course, it really helps that a certain Watery Tart wrote the virgin post. Our Naked Friend has a fabulous network of blogging buddies who dutifully followed their Misattributing Mistress over to her new dungeon, and in the process made the rest of us Burrowers feel very happy indeed.

I won't ramble too much about my writing group because I have mentioned it at least a thousand times in the past. Also, I'm pretty sure that several of you have already been bombarded with Burrowing Bits today, what with not only the Watery Tart, but the Digressionista Diva and the Coffee Goddess too (fellow Burrowers who already have fantastically popular blogs, and also have the dedication to blog about our new venture immediately after it was launched (unlike moi, who procrastinated up until the last moment *shifty*).

Okay, so it's not only that, I don't want to give too much information because I want you to visit the new blog too. *smiles winsomely*

Anyway, there are going to be seven regular contributors to the blog (seven being the most powerful magical number of all *winks*) as of now, and we hope to add a few more Burrowers in the future. In the meantime, expect some nakedness, nuttiness, digressions, food for thought, cleverness, musical knitting and, of course, insanity to be coming your way. I'll leave it to you to figure out just who will be dishing out each of the above. Yes, that means you have to VISIT the blog regularly!

I really hope you take a peek - in fact, I hope you take more than a peek and go back for more!

But before you do (because I just know that you will), I will leave you with a little something that my eight year old wrote in school today. I'm happy and proud to be able to say that my daughter appears to be just as obsessed with writing as her mum. This is not the first time she has brought something she has written home with her - in fact, she writes most days, whether she is in school or at home. Mostly she likes to write songs, but every now and then she'll venture into a little poetry or story writing. Today's contribution falls under the poetry heading, though she tried something new and decided to write something that didn't rhyme. Of course I am biased, but I happen to think she is awesome. *nods*

"Love" by Ellie Smith (8)

Love is pink and red

Love sounds like a heart pumping

Love tastes like strawberries

Love smells like a flower

Love feels like flower petals

Love looks like kissing in the park


  1. Aww, I 'Love' Ellie's poem, very nice!

    Have fun on your new blogging venture, I am certain you guys will be a huge success.

  2. Thanks Maria! And I'm equally certain that we will all have fun in our new playground:)

  3. That was a wonderfully awesome poem! She obviously gets her talent and writing skills from her mom.

    Great introductory post to the Burrow!

  4. Sweetie, if you don't stop procrastinating, and start editing, (Not So) Little Miss E is going to be published before you. She is that good- must be genetics.

  5. *glomps Chary* Ellie's definitely caught the writing bug fromn me - she can usually be found with a pen and paper when not desicrating her barbie dolls.*snort*

    Natasha - ha! But seriously, it's not the STARTING that I have a problem with, it's the FINISHING. I am about a third done, give or take. It will be done eventually, I'm not too worried.

  6. Oh, I love Ellie's poem!

    And I'm pretty darned pleased with the title Misattributing Mistress! I'm still just tickled at our progress. Wish blogger wasn't being annoying today!

  7. Yeah, Blogger REALLY did my head in yesterday! *glares at Blogger* Still, at least it seems to be working today. And Misattributing Mistress was just BEGGING to be your title. *nods*