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Friday, 9 July 2010

Ranting and Thanking....

So I have to go and get myself a birth certificate apparently. Not because I don't have one already - and the original copy no less, too - but because my employers and a bunch of nit-pickers. *mutters darkly*

Some of the things I was asked for when I started back to work was my passport, my National Insurance card, and a copy of my birth certificate, so that I could prove I was 'eligable' to work in this country. Now, I've never had a passport, don't have any plans for leaving the country any time soon, and don't see the point of shelling out eighty odd quid for one (especially because I don't really have a spare eighty odd quid right now as things are really tight). Anyway, I figured it would be fine because I had the other things they wanted. I dutifully took in my birth certificate and N.I card and they were faxed off to head office. And that was that.

Or so I thought.

I had a phone call yesterday evening from my supervisor telling me that head office had been in touch and said that my birth certificate was the wrong one, and that they needed the full version of it. The copy that was sent was the copy that my father picked up ten days after I was born,  but as it only has the basic information on there it is not good enough for those nit-pickers up at head office. The silly thing is I used to work for them before, so it's not as though I'm a new identity. Also, because of my married status, I had my supervisor fax a copy of my marriage certificate off at the same time as everything else. I figured it was best to cover all bases.

Anyway, despite having worked for them before, and despite having sent faxed original documents to them, and despite having my N.I card details too (which, by the way, is usually good enough for any employer to show that you are 'eligable' to work in this country), I need to get a new birth certificate. Ugh.  You know, this Not Good Enough To Prove Eligibility Certificate was bloody good enough to prove who I was to get married, by the way, so why it isn't good enough for my employers is completely beyond me.

Oh, and if I don't have it done by Wednesday next, I won't get paid either. *mutters again*  Because of the timing problem, I can't order one by post, online or by phone, because they can't guarantee that I will get it back by Tuesday (I'm out of the house just after 5am on Wednesday, thus will miss the postman). So I will have to go to the registry office in person. If I get there by 11am, I can expect to pick it up on the same day, but will have to wait till after 2pm for it to be ready.  Ugh!! That means wasting almost an entire day! My employers are not only nit-picky, but incredibly disorganised too! I mean, they had the stuff sent to them on June 21st for crying out loud! Why didn't they let me know as soon as they saw there was a problem? Bloody bloody. *humphs*

Anyway, rant over. It just really annoyed me. *shifty*

In nicer news, my writer's group has had a fabulous debut week for our blog - Burrowers, Books & Balderdash already has 43 followers! How awesome is that? I just want to say thank you to everyone who has dropped by this week and left such wonderfully supporting comments!  My debut post goes up today (in just a few minutes actually *bites nails*), and I can only hope that I don't cause a dip in the trend so far. *snort* Hopefully the blog will continue to be as successful as it has been so far, and I have no doubt that I will love contributing to it as much as I love the people who contribute with me. *hugs Burrowers*


  1. Look at the bright side - at least now you can be absolutely sure you were actually born! :)

  2. Well yes, there IS that. *snort* Always good to have actual proof that you are alive I suppose....

  3. They must think you have been practicing the art of forgery in the interim since you worked for them and are trying to see just how good you've gotten.

    word verification: shistest

  4. Maria - shistest?? *dies* Taffing is DEFINITELY taking over Blogger!

    And keep the forgery thingy quiet will you. *whistles innocently*