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Sunday, 11 July 2010


To coincide with the drabble challenge over on my writer's group blog (Burrowers, Books & Balderdash - *coughshamelessplugcough*), and also because I know I won't have time to blog tomorrow (er, today), I thought I'd schedule a post for you.

The Burrow (which you should know by now is my writer's group) has been drabbling to images for over two years now, and we've published our projects online at our showcase website www.the-burrow.org/ since December 2008.  Put simply, a drabble is a story told in exactly one hundred words. Technically they aren't really stories - telling a complete and cohesive story in a mere hundred words is nigh on impossible - but it is amazing what you can convey in such a short piece of text. It is also amazing how many different ideas spring forth from our imaginations when we have a word or an image as a prompt. The weekly challenge over on Burrowers, Books & Balderdash is very simple. We, The Burrow, will post an image every Sunday, and we'll invite each and every one of you to submit your very own drabble inspired from that image. Every Burrower will take a turn at 'judging' and picking the best of the weekly entries, and these will then be published on our blog the following Saturday. No prizes as such, except for the bragging opportunity of being published on the fantastically brilliant Burrower Blog (*coughs*).

And to get you in a drabbling mood, here's a drabble that I wrote for last year's Easter project.

That's right, go ahead. There's plenty of grass, there's no need to worry. Don't hang around waiting for me; I can get my fill right here. Off you go, don't you fret. I'll look for you every minute, and in my mind's eye I'll see you eating your fill. I'll try not to picture where you really are; I'll try not to imagine you being somebody else's grass.

Next year I'll say goodbye to another of my lambs, and I'll wish that I could have been taken the same way. When they slaughter, it's not only the lambs who suffer.

Image courtesy of Petr Kratochvil.


  1. That one is so sad! It makes me all sniffly.... I keep forgetting I could post when of my drabbles when i am short on time...

    And I've seen that comment a couple places today... wonder what they're up to (I refuse to look in case it's hazardous!)

  2. Awww . . . that is so sad. AS a mother I would hate to see one of my little lambs taken away from me. Great drabble!

  3. Tami - you should definitely post a drabble or two when time is short. I may start posting them every Sunday now that we have the drabble challenge thing going on. Plus Sundays are pretty chock-a-block for me now, so it means I can post something without too much work.

    And that spammer is now appearing three or four times a week, and I just ignore them too. *rolls eyes*

    Chary - thanks hunny! You know me, I love to write sadness.... *shifty*