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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Writing Challenges

Hello all! A quick(ish) blog from me today, mostly because I have a ton of things that need doing, but also because I'm recovering from my trip to the dentist this morning (and the six injections I had to suffer through). *shudders*

The next few months look like they're going to be pretty busy ones. First off, there's the BuNoWriMo, which I briefly mentioned before. Like NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), BuNoWriMo promises to be manic. My writer's group (The Burrow) are hosting their own mini version of NaNoWriMo (hence the 'Bu' rather than the 'Na' at the start), and it starts in less than a week. The month of June should hopefully see lots of lovely new novels written by everyone who participates. These novels will be written at top speed, whether by hand or by typing, and they all promise to have many typos and plot gaps, but that's part of the fun. *grins*

"Fun?" you say. Yes, fun! Because although I'm betting more than a few of us will be stressing like mad during the process, the beauty of the challenge is that the completed novel isn't meant to be perfect. You are supposed to write, write, write - and that's it. No reading over what you have done, no spellchecking, no going back to tweak something that bothers you. Just write. It's quite liberating, actually, because you don't really have time to doubt yourself.

So I'm asking anyone and everyone who reads this to think about taking part in BuNoWriMo. Yes, I'm talking about YOU! All you need is a slight leaning towards insanity, plenty of pens/pencils and notebooks (or a working computer), and the will power to let go of those annoying I Must Write This Perfectly habits. Oh, and a Facebook account, because that's where we're hosting the official group.

Moving on quickly, I wanted to let you all know about a short story competition that I'm also writing for. It's only open to UK residents unfortunately, but the prizes are fabulous, and include online help from a published author, book vouchers, signed books, and, most impressive of all, a meeting with an agent from a publishing house! How awesome is that? The host of the competition is the author Rowan Coleman, and you can find full details of the competition and the prizes right here. Incidentally, Rowan also hosts a fabulous mini competition on her Facebook page every Friday. You have to write a short story in 420 characters or less and post it as your status. It's fun to do, and it doesn't take long to write. I've participated for the last three weeks and had a ball writing for it. It's open to everyone, and I highly recommend having a go!

And while I write for BuNoWriMo and the above competition, I shall also be continuing with the editing of Cardiffella, and possibly working too, depending if any of my job applications are successful. I'm also going to try and teach myself how to build a website, because I have an idea that's been fermenting for some time now, and I'm about ready to give it a shot (I'm not saying anything more until I have it ready. Which could be never, seeing as I'm so technically challenged.*snort*). Summer's going to be crazy this year! *faints*

Anywho, that's it for today,  I'll catch you all soon!

Image is courtesy of our lovely honorary Burrow member, Joris, who produces beautiful images for both our writing group, and for individual projects. You can contact Joris at jorisammerlaan@gmail.com


  1. Hello Tara - thanks ever so for plugging my comp - part of the top prize is actually a meeting with a top publisher AND an agent, so the first prize is even more brilliant! It was exactly this chance that got me started on the road to publication ten years ago, so I really hope it will do the same for someone else.xxx

  2. You're entirely welcome, Rowan :) And this is why I make sure I include links whenever I talk about something important - I am so ditzy that I ALWAYS forget something.*rolls eyes* This is an incredible opportunity for any aspiring author out there, so thank you for hosting!

  3. I'm considering doing the WriMo... Heh, I keep coming up with all these reasons not to, but I'm sure everyone has tons of these. It's probably not the best idea and I'm not sure I'll finish, but I'm pretty sure I'm in!

  4. Yay Bridge! You should definitely have a go! If I can do it, ANYONE can. I'm notorious for being slack when it comes to writing, but I finished my NaNo novel in 29 days last year, and that was despite the fact that I lost almost a week of writing due to broken computers and lost manuscript scares....

  5. Yeah! What Tara said! Do it Bridge, do it!

    But Tara? Job applications? And honestly, I'd wait to edit until you are done (or finish before you start) but that might just be me... editing mojo and writing mojo are both too selfish for a threesome... if you knowwhatImean...