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Monday, 28 February 2011

Mission Accomplished!

Yup, today's the last day of February, and I have managed to post a picture for each of the twenty eight days. *faints*  A couple were recycled photographs, but the majority were taken on the same day of posting*. I'm definitely not gifted with a camera, and as my only 'tool' was my mobile phone (which doesn't have the best camera on there anyway), none of the pictures will win any prizes, but it's definitely been a fun challenge to complete, even if the challenge was self-inflicted (so to speak).

I'm into the last hour of the last day of the month (leaving things almost until the last minute as usual), so my last photo was a 'grab something - ANYTHING!!!! - and take a piccy' kind of thing. *shifty* Tomorrow is St David's day (the patron saint of Wales), and I have pulled out my daughter's rugby shirt instead of her usual school uniform.  In her younger days, she would dutifully wear the traditional Welsh lady's costume, but she's now at that awkward age where the children's costumes are far too small, and the adult costumes are far too big. She's would prefer the traditional costume, of course (complete with hat and mop cap), but I kind of like the rugby shirt as the alternative option.

Happy St David's Day to my fellow Welshies!

 *One photo this month was taken by my husband, not me, but as he did it on my behalf when I couldn't leave the house, I figure it wasn't cheating. *winks*


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!

    What are you planning for next month?

    I didn't manage, but figure there's lots more opportunities.

  2. Thanks Sue! And next month???? Wow, hadn't planned anything, but it's not March for another five minutes, so that could change. *grin*

    And I agree, there's plenty of opportunities to blog for an entire month. *nods*

  3. Well done, Tar Tar! See--you can set a goal and do it! (which I knew...)

  4. Well, SOMEtimes I can set a goal and keep to it... *snort*

    Still, I feel good that I managed it. :)

  5. Congrats! Knew you could do it:)