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Friday, 11 February 2011

Mixing The Old With The New

Cardiff, my home city, is getting more and more popular every year. We've become a tourist magnet in the last ten years, mostly because of our sporting amenities, and the recently upgraded shopping centres. It's safe to say that there has been a lot of improvements made to the structural look of the city in the last two decades, but dotted here and there amongst the more modern stuff, we still have some nice Victorian buildings gracing our streets.

One of the nicest is the library in Canton, which was erected and 'donated' to the people of Cardiff over a century ago in 1906. You would think that an old fashioned building like this one would look odd amongst all of the supermarkets, betting shops and estate agents that fill up the busy Cowbridge Road, but it doesn't. I think it fits in quite nicely.


  1. Cool picture Tara! I like the building, and the nice big shadow of a tree on the street. It makes me think that this must be a very pretty street to walk down.

  2. Love that they haven't knocked down such a gem just for the sake of progress. I love looking at old buildings they always some interesting detail.

  3. And I thought it was popular due to people wanting to see where episodes of Dr Who were filmed. It's great when they allow old and new to mix harmoniously. Wish my home town would learn.

  4. Maria - The Canton area is quite pretty I suppose, though having grown up there I guess I don't see it that way. Cardiff in general has LOTS of trees, and we have a large number of parks too.

    Weesa - I love old buildings too. :) We've got a good amount of older buildings in the city, and sometimes you can sense the history, you know?

    Sue - Well, yeah, Dr Who being filmed here HAS sort of made us more interesting I suppose. But the tourist interest started before the Timelord started his adventures here, so he can't take ALL of the credit. *winks*